Super New Moon and a Return to Joy of Leo Season

We start this week off with a Super new Moon in Leo that marks a conclusion to all we experienced this month of Eclipse Season. It's been a doozy of a month and our hearts have been weary after all of the emotional processing, energetic clearing, family issues, childhood reflections and so much more that we let go of and moved through throughout this month. It left our heart centers a little raw but a deep clearing needed to take place of some very old energy.

This new moon marks a brand new cycle where we will fill our hearts up with joy and bliss again after the rawness of the month.

Cancer season was all about our emotions and brought our insecurities and vulnerabilities to the surface.

Leo season which we are beginning is all about outward expression of life and the joys of living. Since this is a fire sign, it also a season of courage and confidence to move toward what we want in our lives and not being afraid to express our authentic selves fully. When you think of the sign of leo and the lion, where in your life can you express the qualities of the lion, strong and proud, not afraid to be seen, extravagant with it’s beautiful mane and ready to take on the world. This is a time to truly stand in our truth and the cleansing of July has revealed to us that we are ready to move toward a new life without holding back any aspect of ourselves.

On the same day our trickster Mercury finally moves direct, making communications and actions much more fluid which will support our expressions in this upcoming month. August will bring powerful new beginnings into our lives and we will be pleasantly surprised at the levity and fullness that begins to fill our lives in the days to come.


We have been experiencing a lot of physical integration from this month as with any great transformation, it moves into the physical last. So you may have felt exhausted this month. Radiance and energy levels will be returning beginning with this New Moon. Continue with your self care and let yourself remember the joys of living, play, laughter, bliss, ecstasy and excitement.

Artwork~Andrew Gonzalez

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