New Cycle and a New You

Are you living in your joy? Are you moving from a place of doing grunt work constantly and forgetting how to play? It is time to remember to live from a place of finding time for ourselves and enjoying our lives aside from what we need to do and get done. Even if we are doing work toward our passions in life, we can still get caught up await a a mission and put ourselves last in terms of our own balance, time to play, time to live our lives away from consistently trudging away at our path and purpose. This week can also bring about some pretty powerful new beginnings and change into our lives. Although the change may be welcome, it could bring sudden awareness and openings that shift our perspective completely. We are learning a balance between how we give and receive and finding a balance between the two, so releases may occur that may be preventing us from feeling expansive. If you have felt stagnant, this time will align us more to release anything that is standing in the way of feeling more vibrant.

This new chapter is necessary and welcomed, especially now as Mercury Retrograde has started to move forward and the New Moon has catapulted us into a new cycle last week. We are ready for a new dawn and a new expression in our lives in August and it will feel like a very different flavor from the waters that we swam through in all of July.


Where can you play a little more in your life, where can you let go of the ties to some duties that may have had their true power and purpose for the amount of time you have expended on them, but you have really been putting your head to the grindstone with it for quite some time. Allow yourself to pause for a moment, step away from the tasks and remember the sunshine on your skin, remember playing and the lightness of being. Allow yourself to soak up something that refills your heart. What is that for you? August is calling for you to move toward that, fill up your cup once again.

Artwork~ Unknown Artist

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