August Flood of Abundance and Movement Forward

This week we are being shown where it is needed to find a balance between our independence and also being willing to ask for support. There will be a focal point on where we are putting our energy and being willing to ask for the help we need, especially if we have been spread thin with our time and energy this summer. Where do you need more freedom and space for yourself?

On August 15th, we have a Full Moon in Aquarius highlighting this same truth.

Aside from this, it is truly sharing with us the value of finding balance in our lives and how we utilize our energy and if we are tending to our own wellbeing enough. This is all within a lightness and easier full moon this month, much easier times than July.

We also have Jupiter moving direct which is the planet of expansion, the giver of gifts and luck. We will be receiving so many well deserved gifts in our lives. Abundance is flowing again. There is a sparkling new chapter that is forming in our lives with much needed super new beginnings and we are starting to feel like our outer world is aligning with all the work we've done on our inner world. It may even feel like you are a new person with so much going in our favor this month. Enjoy it! You've put in the work and you deserve it!


As life picks up speed, notice where your thoughts rest within your daily experience. When we focus on the future, we can lie too much in anticipation, and this can be anxiety inducing. If we focus too much on the past, then we can get caught up in pining for something that no longer exists, sparking sadness. When we return to the present moment, we revel and thrive in exactly where we need to be. The past and the future were once and will be the present moment and this moment is fleeting but to be cherished. When we live from this space, we soak up life in its fullest, bringing appreciation and our attention to what currently is.

Artwork~ Caroline Maniere

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