Transformation of Relating, Balancing our Masculine and Feminine

We have the themes of Love, Abundance, Finances and the way we relate in the air for the next many months. We will be reshaping our ideas around how we relate and our finances, not only personally but collectively as well. We have a lot of creative energy moving through us presently with this fiery season of Leo, you may feel it coursing through you lately.

It is a good reminder to witness how you are creating in the world, are you moving from your head or a sense of control and perfection? If we try to control our creations, we may be moving from a place of fear or attachment to a desired outcome based out of lack or an old wound or story.

If we remind ourselves to move from the heart and create based upon a place of trust and inspiration, then it is less contracted and restrictive and will occur more easily and fluidly for our path.

Creativity is the same energy as passion, they both come from the same source. This is ultimately the masculine and feminine energies at play and learning to find a balance.

We are moving into a cycle of empowerment where these energies within us will be calling for greater balance.

You will see this individually and also collectively as well, masculine energy within us is about inspired action and doing or yang energy, feminine energy is about nurturing cultivating and creation from incubation or yin energy.

Ultimately it is about receptivity and creativity, or giving and receiving. The balance of the two will take shape as we learn to balance these even more within ourselves.

Where are you called to create something in the world, be of greater service from your own authentic truth, and where are you being called to receive nurturing, tending to or love in one way or another? Listen to these desires, it is your own internal knowing of what needs balancing within you.


In these heightened times, anxiety can become commonplace in our daily lives. Plants have a great power to heal, have you ever heard of flower essences? They are the essence of a flower, the energetic healing properties of that plant. They are an all natural gentle and effective tool I use in my practice. These were developed to aid in energetic and emotional support for our common issues.

A very effective blend for everyday stress and anxiety can be found in all health food stores. Check out Rescue Remedy by Bach’s flower essence. It’s found in tincture, lozenges, spray. Highly recommend its profound and subtle effects on anxiety and stress.

Artwork~ Tomasz Alen Kopera

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