Super New Moon of August and the Spawn of New Directions

We have officially entered Virgo season now and will be finishing out this week in a new month. Virgo is all about the details and bringing a dose of reality into our lives. It is known to expose realities and our own truth and our deepest heart’s desire. This is a period to purify ourselves and really revisit our routines of how we are taking care of ourselves. Where can we shift something about our health, our mental health and how we are treating ourselves? This will help us in the days to come as we offer more of our gifts to the world. We also have a New moon on the 30th, this is a loving moon, one that feels like a warm embrace of a new direction. This moon brings a cultivation of the tangible, in a very earthly and grounded way It is getting things rolling, with communications, collaborations, meetings, etc. This will inspire us to connect with others and make things happen. With connection and communication being on the forefront, there could be a level of vulnerability paired with that. For when we share the truths of our hearts because we believe in something, it’s an important piece on our path. We truly have to reveal to others our desires in order to move things forward. This moon is a big release of energy and newness as we officially exit the summer months and move toward the Autumn Equinox in a few weeks. September will be a big energy month and the new moon is fueling new directions. We have five months left of this year, what will you choose to move toward? Are you holding yourself back from pursuing something out of procrastination? Next year a powerful year in terms of alignments. We have the next few months to make decisions to set the stage for where we want to be for 2020.


Have you fallen into a mental cycle of complaining? Complaining will draw to us more of what we do not want, as we are actually telling the universe to keep giving us more of the same if complaining occupies your time and energy.

Find moments throughout your days to find three things you are grateful for that day and ask yourself what led to receiving them. You will realize how much you have to be grateful for and how much support you are being given regularly.

Artwork~ Simon Provost

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