"Harvest Season is Here, it's Time to Take Back Your Power"

It’s been a rather potent time on the planet hasn’t it? With so much going on on a planetary level, we can find our human survival instincts getting kicked up and our fight or flight systems get activated, maybe going into fear or worry in our mental chatter. This is natural, it’s our human instinct to protect ourselves and take care of our survival but it’s also important to come back from fear based thinking, and into a place of trust. When our security or safety feels threatened or there is uncertainty in the world and all the systems of power, remember the order of perceived destruction. The old world is being transformed and this is part of the plan, so a new way can be born.

So it may look ugly and uncomfortable as one way deconstructs and another begins to rise. There is a rhyme and reason for what’s taking place on earth, Although destruction happens, who are we to say that it won’t lead to something that can benefit all of us, whether that is a new awareness to inspire change, a healing within us all, etc. We are all connected. Breathe, trust, know you are okay and the more you stay calm and in a place of trust, the more this supports your wellbeing, all you are connected to and the entire collective.

We are finally into harvest season and beginning the new month of September, we are in a period of integrated all of the fanfare from Leo season and now grounding ourselves for real world results from the summer of transformation.

What have you been trying to ignore or avoid and not accepting that it’s not working, face it and look at what’s truly going on. There will be great forward movement soon of our long term visions and huge responsibilities this month. We are being aligned for what’s coming next.


Be informed but remember that fear can be an underlying tactic with news, information, images displayed of world issues. Remember that what we ingest into our minds, we are influenced by on many levels.

It’s good to inform ourselves but if you find your mind is filled with a barrage of images that disturbed you or information that didn’t sit right, take a step back from it. Fuel yourself with some nature, loving moments with those you care about, creativity, joy, play, soul fulfilling moments that fill your cup. Because with a full cup, you can better contribute to others and ultimately the world.

Artist~ Adam Martinakis

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