Get Ready, Current Integration Needed Before Pace Quickens

This week we are still in a very detailed and work centered focus with a lot of Virgo energy at play. Virgo is the sign of getting things done and great attention to detail and the fine tuning of our life. We may have very long to do lists right now and as we balance this out, we are finding that communications and socializing may be very amped right now too. So it is important to find a rhythm between getting done what needs tending to and also connecting with others.

We are in a 9 month and 9 is all about completion, beenter a 1 month of new beginnings come October. We also have a Full Moon on the 13th further emphasizing this completion period.

We are still integrating all that took place over the summer as we shed old stories, patterns and beliefs of how we were operating based upon a false illusion or fear. This could have been something we developed over time or imposed upon us from our upbringing, programs we are operating under of maybe not being good enough, ready to share our truth, etc. These were dismantled over the course of this year through tests and challenges in our lives that helped us to shed an old self. Why was this occurring? To help us to be more authentic and true to share our gifts with the world. So a deconstruction of an old self took place to shake us loose from some entrenched patterns. Now as we emerge out of that metamorphosis and cycle completing this month, we are being asked to integrate the lessons and to also refill our cup. This is a week to continue to nurture ourselves and prepare to share more of who we are as the momentum picks up mid month and into October.

So do what you can to reevaluate your self care needs and rejuvenate your wellbeing and physical body before we enter a very large new cycle of expansion for our lives.


Learn to operate more from your heart space. As life picks up speed later this month, it is a good practice to check in with yourself whether you are moving more from your head space or your heart. If we are controlling our lives, analzying or gripping our life experience strongly with our thoughts, we have moved away from the heart. When you feel into your life experiences and feel what feels expansive and easy for you, discerning more from this way of navigating, we connect to our higher self. Our higher self always knows what’s best for our path, so feel your way through life as opposed to thinking or controlling your path. This creates more surrender, trust and allowing all of life to support you.

Artwork~ Artist Unknown

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