It's Time to Reap the Rewards of Your Efforts

Happy Fall Season! We start this week off with the Autumn Equinox marking the beginning of the fall season in the Northern Hemisphere. This is a day of equal day and equal night inviting us into balance for our lives.

After the grunt work of Virgo season and all of the details and to do lists in our lives, we may have felt overwhelmed and stressed. This is time to reap the rewards from all of our grunt work as begin to see gifts and miracles pop up in our lives as well as long awaited doors opening. This week marks a return to balance and also the start of Libra Season which is all about balance and relationships.

We will be focusing on relationships for the next couple months personal and business related.

This is a time to reassess the balance in our connections with others. Where is the power lying in your connection with others? Is there are a balance between giving and receiving or are you compromising more than the other person. Do you have connections where you are reaching out to someone more and they are not returning your calls, texts, emails? This is a good time to look at our intentions for a connection or why we continue a connection if we aren’t receiving the same energy or effort in return.

We may also have connections in our lives that have an imbalance of power, such as someone connecting to us for their own agendas or self centered motives. Every connection we have in life is a lesson and also a mirror.

This is a good time to reevaluate why we are connected, with who and how these are playing out in our lives. Is it time to weed the field and cut ties with someone that no longer serves our lives in a healthy way or is it time to cultivate a connection that has run dry?

This also puts a focus on communication, because communication is a very important aspect of relationship. Is there something you need to openly and authentically voice to someone or fine tune your listening skills to hear what someone has to say? It’s important to have these balances in our connections, because imbalances can fester if not dealt with healthfully and our connections fuel our lives in many many ways.

We also have a New Moon on the 28th in the sign of Libra, further emphasizing this role that balance in relationships will play. For as the momentum of harvest season continues to pick up and doors open with greater ease in our lives, relating and communicating come into hyper focus as we express and expand ourselves even more.


Mental health, we all have it and face it daily. As we move further on our awakening path, we may have days, weeks or even months where we are undergoing a transformational shift within us. When this occurs, our mental state can come along for the ride. As old energy and emotions release from us, our mind chatter can amp up very loudly making us feel pretty nuts. If this is occurring for you, know that you are not alone, and also know this is temporary. You may have found that some days this happens and the next day, you feel more at ease in you mind. This is part of the awakening process as we let go of old outworn parts of ourselves and step more toward the truth of who we are. If you can act as the observer of your life and witness the mind instead of engaging, know all is passing like the weather.

In these moments try to engage with something that brings you joy, create something, walk in nature, read a book, watch a funny movie, and gently nudge yourself back to a state of joy through these practices.

Artwork~ Artist Unknown

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