Gifts and Blessings Showing Up, Release Expectations

We begin this week finishing out this month and heading into October. September was a tough month, it was sandwiched in between the fires of transformation from the summer eclipse season and the harvest season which picks up speed in October. This month was the integration between one cycle and the next. We may have taken a couple steps forward this month and then ten steps back, making us feel as though progress was not in sight at all. But this pattern of momentum was for reason, to help us integrate and to retrace the ground of any ties or patterns that may still keep us limited, in lack or holding us back from our greatness. September may have left us off with a funny flavor in our mouths as we retraced our pasts and many may be going through a difficult time presently, but blessings will show up from the ashes of our own shadows.

Gifts will be entering our lives more in October as life continues to amp up. However these gifts may not arrive in the packages that we thought they would. It is important to let go of any expectations of how your life should look and open up to acceptance of what is flooding into your life.

You have been craving and desiring for change for so long and when we are eager for the new, we may often still cling to the familiarity of our own stagnation or pain.

Sometimes the comfort of our suffering feels much more addicting than the freedom of a new circumstance. It’s like an old sock we have outworn but we just can’t throw away.

So let yourself open up to new experiences, because in the unfamiliar terrain of the new lies the very things you have been pining for and asking the universe for for a very very long time.

The theme of relationships, money, love, connection, time spent and giving and receiving continue to be highlighted in the month of October. Let this season of balance remind you of how you are spending your time and energy and to be discerning of where you choose to focus your energy upon and with who.


Beauty, in this Libra season, the concept of beauty is highlighted as well. Where can you notice your own beauty more, express your beauty, appreciate the beauty in your world. Notice the colors, your surroundings, textures, smells, flavors and senses even more. The concept of beauty brings us to the awareness of living more in the moment. For when we notice the beauty in our lives and in ourselves and others more, we come back even more to the present and that’s truly the most important place to be.

Artwork~ Scott Facon

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