The Learning Curve of Our New Expanded Selves

As we move further into this new month of October, we are finding quite a different flavor from last month and all the integration and slow movement that was taking place. This month is revealing to us a quicker pace and one that feels like more of the pieces of our life are falling into place. Even between the challenges, we can see the light and purpose that the challenges provide and are shaping into tangible results for our long term visions.

This is a period to also reflect upon our connections in our life and whether they support our long term vision. In other words, look at relationships, friendships, business partnerships, situations and locations and observe whether they are balanced and aligned to your long term plans. If not, it may be time to shift these connections to make room for your long term vision.

This is good time to also tie up loose ends, finish projects that have been put on the back burner for whatever reason and bring completion to them. This is good to do before we enter the holiday season and before we enter the new year. 2019 has been a year of great purging and all for good reason, it is the last year in an entire decade and we are wrapping up it up with this year.

We are rising from the ashes and shedding an old skin to prepare to stand even more in our truth in the new year.

So if you are feeling a little raw and sensitive presently, know there is a learning curve of stepping more into who we are now. We have let go of a lot this year and our new skin may feel a little vulnerable right now, but in time, we will find out rhythm and stand more strongly in our new foundation.


As the speed of life quickens, try not to burn yourself out. Know that we can maintain our own speed and be mindful of our own internal balance and needs. Yes we tend to life and all that arrives on our plate, but take time for yourself to just be, to play, to relax and find your own personal balance for what’s needed in between the speed of life.

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