Being Wrung Out as Preparation for a New Paradigm

We are continuing to be shown areas in our lives where imbalance may be occurring. Truths are being revealed to us through what needs tending to and what needs to be let go. This may arise as intense conversations, power struggles, money issues or letting someone or something go. It can also arise as new opportunities, growth and expansion in these areas and a refreshing return to a life force that has run dry. The main areas that it is popping up right now are in the themes of relationship, money, and sex as we move toward Scorpio season and underworld themes. This is shining a light on what we want and don't want . This can be an intense period and the intensity may increase as we move toward 2020, as we are being wrung out from any remaining areas that aren't working and priming us for a new paradigm shift. You may wonder what is going on with you, why you can’t get a hold of your mind, your emotions or anything in your life for that matter. You are not going crazy, we are in a quickening and this period on the planet is part of our evolution. But the amazing thing is that you are part of this grander plan taking place and this rise in consciousness at this time and you are a strong soul for being here in these wild times and there is amazing light you have to share with the world. Any doubt, anxiety, uncertainty or fear that you may have is temporary and passing. Know you are always deeply supported and held every single moment of your life.

The movement in our lives has quickened quite a bit now at this point in the month and it's imporant to stay mindful of your stress levels or anxiety. Self care is needed and a return to what matters the most, your true self.


In moments when we can be triggered by another person or a difficult situation at play in our lives, can you take a step back from your reactionary state and see the lesson that is threading itself into your awareness through the experience? That person, place or situation is merely playing a role in your life story to reveal something to you that you need to see. When we can view life in this way, then we can move out of victim mind set and see the higher purpose for what’s occurring. The very thing that stirs us may be exactly what we need to shift to a new level.

Artwork~ Unknown Artist

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