Scorpio New Moon and the Deep Dive of Transformation

We may have been taken through a storm sea of deception recently as our lives were getting restructured to return to balance within many areas. When you return something to balance, it may take some time for the adjustment to feel comfortable again, almost like a plane riding smooth again after a turbulent pocket. So whatever has gotten restructured in your life this month, allow yourself this recalibration of what you have been through and what you have realigned so that it feels more resonant with your truth.

We have moved into mercury retrograde pre-shadow phase. This is the phase of a retrograde period where we are beginning to feel it seep into our lives without the full affect of the retrograde. Giving us a taste of our friendly retrograde cycle that begins on Halloween this year. This is a good time to finalize any repairs, projects, sign contracts before the retrograde begins.

We have a New Moon at the end of this week. Scorpio new moon highlights the themes of sex, secrets, other people’s money, death and transformation.

This new moon may come with a dose of electricity and could cause some erratic and impulsive energy with a combo of some restlessness. Because this moon is coupled with the planet of unexpected change, we could feel tested or have some unexpected happenings in our lives. This moon may ask us to dive deep into our emotions to swim in these underworld themes and nudge us to rebirth a part of ourselves.

October may not have been a walk in the park but the pace has quickened and many puzzle pieces now lay in new areas to shift us in a new direction. As challenging as realignment may be, it holds it’s value in creating things anew.


Do you feel in tune with your inner world? Or do you find that you are distracted by habits and reoccupations that consistently take you away from connecting with your own inner wellbeing? Everything begins from within. Our outer world is simply reflecting our inner world, so when you take the time to gift yourself some respite or time to commune with yourself then you are giving yourself the greatest gift of all as it ripples out into every corner of your life.

Artwork~Tiffany Bozic

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