"Time to Pull Your Skeletons Out of the Closet So Your Truth is Met"

We are now in full swing of Scorpio season inviting us to pull out all the skeletons from our closet. With this week's Halloween celebration or Samhain, we have Mercury going Retrograde on that same day. I know we don’t always look forward to Mercury Retrograde for its communication, travel and mechanical issues but it holds a purpose to expose what has been left unchecked so we can move more into alignment with our truth. This is further amplifying our need to expose anything that we have kept under wraps, something we tucked away so as not to disrupt the flow of life or a relationship. When we expose hidden truths, we reveal what we truly want to say and ultimately what we really need. When we stuff away a truth unspoken, we are neglecting parts of ourselves that want to be heard and honored.

This is a time of big decisions and we may find that if we are on the right path, then we receive signs and gifts supporting that path forward at this time. If we are on a path that isn’t meant for us, we may find a course correction through a life shift to reset our direction. If things still feel stuck and stagnant in life, know we are still in prep mode for 2020. 2019 has been a year of getting all of the pieces of our life in order, know this is still occurring in these next couple months in order for a giant leap forward.


Allow life to show you your next step, when we live in the future, wondering what steps to take or worrying about things in our life we don’t have or don’t like, we are actually creating a huge ball of resistance in the form of energy to block ourselves from receiving exactly what we want. Realize you are unbelievably supported in so many ways, the universe is always supporting you, even when you don’t realize it.

Allow yourself to let go of the worry, let go of the control, let go of the anxiety more, because when you trust and allow more and act from a place of trust, you are releasing the constriction you are creating from constant worry and allowing things to flow into your life more easily.

Artwork~ Sylvia Ji

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