"Forward Moving Expansion as a Gift in This Retrograde Season"

We are still riding on the potency from late October around the New Moon and Mercury going retrograde on Halloween. We may be extra sensitive at the moment, feeling very deeply with our emotions right on the surface. Over the next several weeks of this retrograde cycle, we are being asked to do some emotional uncovering, unearthing what we feel resonant with and what we do not. This is setting the stage for where we are heading in the new year in the themes of abundance, creative and business projects, intimacy and relationships. Along with this inward journey, we are also experiencing expansion at this time.

There is a lot of forward moving and quick energy that is inspiring fast forward events and decision making in our lives. This is a time of rebirth as we are on the precipice of great shifts, success and a new life cycle. We are receiving signs that this new direction is seeping in now and it is beginning to feel really right. A big piece is having the willingness and openness to step toward this new cycle, moving toward what we want and acting upon them.

Jupiter the planet of the giver of gifts and luck has been retrograde since the Spring, this begins to go direct over the next week, this brings even more of that expansion while we are deep diving within this retrograde.


Allow this time period to remind you of what you truly desire within your life’s path and soul’s mission, if that is unclear for you, just move toward what brings you joy. For when you do what brings you joy, that is a nudge from your soul that that is part of your path.

Artwork~Unknown Artist

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