Full Moon in Taurus, Time to Uplevel

We start this week with a Full Moon in Taurus on the 12th, bringing a culmination and a cycle of completion with tangible results of desires and goals. This moon is also helping us to release control where we may have been attached to old patterns that are holding us back. It’s inviting us to release self criticism that may be preventing us from stepping toward something we may not have felt ready for but truly desire. You may have found lessons popping up over the last couple weeks in this retrograde cycle. What has this Mercury Retrograde season been teaching you so far? What has arisen for you lately of this inward dive and reset? We so often remain in a constant state of moving forward and acting, it’s a good opportunity to pause, and reassess to gain perspective for our lives. This is a time to breathe before eclipse season begins next month and the new cycle of 2020. If life has felt intense lately, know we are experiencing Karmic issues compacted through lessons and challenges over these next couple months in preparation for this new cycle. Life tests may feel heightened for this reason but it’s breaking us free from old cycles or something in our lives so we can stand more in our authenticity in the new year. We are not just entering a new year, we are entering a new paradigm and this is why the preparation has felt so grueling at times.


You may find that new people enter your life around this time, whether that is friendships or intimate relationships. As we move toward this new cycle we may be connected with new souls on our path who are part of our soul family. When the connection feels resonant, those who fit well with our own soul may be there to support us in this new cycle ahead. At the same time, give thanks for any connections that are shifting, they have served their time and their shift in our life is creating space for those who are meant to be with us in the days ahead.

Artwork~Artist Unknown

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