It's Time to Rise Up and Share Your Heart

We are now exiting this very inward month and the scorpio underworld journey through mercury that began mid October and into the entire month of November. This had us revisiting the past, old wounds, patterns and also truths about what we really want and what we don’t want. This shown a light on any areas where we may have felt confined or imprisoned by limitations in some areas. This may have been a very introspective month for you and maybe at times lonely as you dove into these truths.

However we have a New Moon on Tuesday this week that is like a gate opening to expansion. This is a moon in the sign of Sagittarius that is all about freedom, adventure, breaking free from the chains that bind, lightheartedness and heart connection.

This month begins the faster pace into December and into the new year. We have been in a bit of a calm before the storm kind of phase, even as we finish out this year, there is still preparation as January will bring in physical results of our efforts.

However, this New Moon marks a bit of a breather after our underworld deep dive, like a first gulp of air after being under water for a long time. It is inviting us to Rise Up and move toward our joy, our fullest expression, our bliss. It is asking us to ready ourselves to share in a much deeper way and to begin to connect to others to build your creations, expressions and heart service in the world.

Allow this new moon to be time to break free from any chains that bind and to do things differently from the heart space.


This can be an anxious time as we rise up ready to share more of our hearts. There is vulnerability with that, so find your rootedness in your own self care. Especially with the holidays occurring within this quickening build up to 2020, there can be a lot of frenetic energy in the air. Slow your pace down and practice mindful awareness if you find yourself getting swept up by this collective speed, notice your breath, come back to your heart and ground that anxiousness back into the earth to find your center.

Artwork~ Sharon Stelluto

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