This Past Decade is Resurfacing for a Reason

We have now officially entered a new month and the faster pace of December as we finish out this powerful year and move toward this brand new cycle of 2020. We have a simultaneous anticipation of the new year while also letting go of this year and for the entire decade. We have found that past significant moments or people from this entire decade are resurfacing at this time as memories or actual contact. These moments and relationships are showing up again to acknowledge their lessons, and to close that chapter of our lives.

This is a good time to also set intentions for the new year and the entire decade ahead. We have a powerful window of creation right now to move toward our expansion and highest missions and act on them. We are still in the priming phase of 2020 and as we move toward eclipse season at the end of this month, we may find that we are wobbling between being in a high joyful emotional state and also a lower state of emotional purging. This part of this cycle as we prepare ourselves to welcome in the new.

If this is occurring for you, know you aren’t back tracking on your path and it’s important to not beat yourself up around that, be gentle with yourself and aware of the bigger picture that we move through these spaces to elevate and rise to a new level. It is a clearing of the old.

We may also find that we are no longer resonant with certain people, friendships, places, things and patterns. This is part of this unleveling and a letting go of what no longer aligns for us. This is creating the space for this new cycle.


This is a time to envision and move toward our highest vision. What brings you joy? What lights you up that makes you feel unbelievably alive? This is the time to move toward that even more. Allow any fears of moving toward that to be let go in the wake of 2019, it’s time to shine, if not now then when?

Artwork~ Aykut Aydogdu

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