December's Full Moon and Expansion toward 2020

The energy of 2020 is already seeping in, the expansion is already here throughout December. 2020 will be a very powerful year and starts a period of many years of profound change on the planet. 2019 we have put in a ton of grunt work toward one area or many areas of our life. iIt may have felt like you have been toiling away at something without a lot of effects from your efforts. 2020 will be the year of breakthroughs from all of our efforts. The foundations we have built these last several years will now be unfolding, like we are breaking out of an egg and rising up, no longer fitting inside of the egg we have been incubating in. We have a lot of Capricorn energy taking place all throughout next year and this is already beginning now, inviting us to look at the structures of our life, be responsible, accountable and professional. This will be a lesson of adulting but has its benefits of success, growth, expansion and abundance paired with it right away in the start of the new year. This week we have a full moon on the 12th, this is culminating the entire year of lessons and growth and is the last full moon of the year and before eclipse season starts. This is a good time to reflect and release whether that is physically clearing clutter or emotional unfolding. We may have ups and downs in our emotions the entire month as we finish out this old paradigm and welcome in a new. It’s like a giant graduation and all the emotions that can come with that kind of completion. So be gentle with yourself and if you have an off day, remember the bigger picture at play and this cycle closing out and a big one beginning.


As we get closer to this powerful year ahead, your body and energy field may be calling for different self care routines at this time. Tune in to your inner world and connect with what you need, it may be different than your regular routines. Maybe there needs to be some tweaking in your daily habits? A new movement of exercise, different sleep schedule, different diet additions or letting something go you are used to doing or eating? Maybe it is finding more time to integrate in between the busyness of life, pockets of 5 minutes just to breathe and connect to yourself. Reassess what you need as this will be a great ally as the new year rolls around.

Artwork~ Unknown Artist

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