The Birth Process as We Transform from the Old to the New

We have been called into a stillpoint while life swirls around you with the busyness of the holidays. Even though there is so much occurring, we are simultaneously going through a death process, a dying of the old, our old life, an old self and an old paradigm.

You may have found that you’ve been stewing in your own stuff a lot this month as we wind down this year, it’s like the last fight of an old order.

Like the point before a drop of water hits a puddle and becomes it and more expansive, it’s contained and focused but on the verge of dying to its present form in preparation for becoming something completely new

Lean into any discomfort, because when you give it space to acknowledge what’s coming up for you, it begins to disintegrate. Be patient with this process, we are letting go of an entire decade. Invite trust even more into your heart because this is an important recalibration and preparation period before the new year.

Themes of abundance worth and relationship are being highlighted right now under this transformation, reshaping those areas.

Any transformation from the old is like a birth, and all births require pressure. We are birthing into a new self and a new phase, there is a leveling up taking place. When we have let go of an old cycle, it creates so much more space for creation, inspiration and to build anew. We also have the Winter Solstice point on the 21st marking the shortest day of the year and the beginning of Winter. It is also a return of the light toward summer. This is a time that reminds us of the light within the dark, which is why the traditions of Christmas lights of the green growth of Christmas trees began. Remind yourself of your own light and growth as winter begins.


This week’s tool is guiding you to a special gift we put out for the holiday and this powerful time. Find the Guided Meditation and Healing for Letting Go of 2019 and Preparing for 2020 on Entelechy Visions YouTube channel. This will support in releasing any emotional, mental and energetic blockages and remaining stagnation from this year while empowering you for the coming year ahead.

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