New Moon Christmas Solar Eclipse

We are entering the holiday season this week, it’s been a powerful time and you may have felt the intensity building in your own life and in the outer world, a lot of reflections, purging and mental chatter as well.

With this amplification during this time, we are moving toward a Solar Eclipse this week on Christmas which falls on the 25th or 26th depending on where you are in the world. It’s a Solar Eclipse New Moon, which all solar eclipses are new moons, it’s all about new beginnings, the start or expansion of something.

It is followed by the lunar full moon eclipse in Jan on the 10th to shift and shape our life, as they always come in pairs to move through transformation and the end and start of the year. They are cosmic wild cards for our lives, expecting the unexpected. It may affect us in different ways, in physical tangible ways or subtle emotional ways.

This eclipse is in the sign of Capricorn. this sign is all about life purpose, higher vision, our path and discipline. It is also a very grounded earthly sign, so it will bring about more tangible results toward our life mission.

Solar eclipses are amplifications, they really set things in motion, that begin weeks prior to an eclipse and ripple out for months following an eclipse season.

This is a beautiful and sweet eclipse because it is all about that new beginnings and expansion and will be more gift giving type of eclipse. However with any amplification can come a period of release to anything that might be standing in the way of that expansion and the eclipse in January will be more of that releasing point as we begin the year ahead.

Enjoy the beauty of this week’s eclipse, allow yourself to soak up the expansion and know we are moving through a compacted period of acceleration until around mid January. We are getting catapulted into the new year.


Your breath and the present moment is your ally. With the frenetic energy of this time of year and all of the alignments and cosmic shifts taking place, we can get swept up in all of it and feel like we are on a roller coaster ride. Allow yourself to return to the present moment through the partnership of your breath, it is a gift if you feel ungrounded this season.

Artwork~ Marcello Dalla

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