Space Clearing

                For Your Home or Business              

Does your home or business space feel stagnant, heavy or blocked?

Have you recently moved into a new home or space and would like to clear the influences of the previous owners?

Have you experienced a trauma or the loss of a loved one within your space?

These are all different types of scenarios where a space clearing would help to lighten and alleviate any influences these situations may have on your living space or business.  Every experience we have in a space can leave an energetic imprint on a space, overtime as this collects it can influence our daily life and even the success of our business. 

Have you ever walked into a space and it felt heavy or thick, like you weren't able to breathe in the space? There may have been a dense collection of energies in the space over time from what occurred there or energetic influences. 

Less than light energies are very real and can also exist within a space. Since we live in a dualistic reality, this is the nature of existence and we can have lower vibrational energies that affect us. 

An energetic space clearing can assist with alleviating these influences on your home or business and ultimately providing a better living and working experience for your life. 


Smudging with Sage is Beneficial but Doesn't Always Clear Specific Energy

The process of smudging a space with sage is so therapeutic and can be used in conjunction with the space clearing sessions I offer, depending on your openness to the smell and smoke. Smudging is a very old Native American tradition and is not only good for clearing the space but is also beneficial to our health and wellbeing. 

However, sometimes there are specific energies in a space that require a more detailed and focused clearing. 

As a Violet Alchemy Healer, I have been trained and certified to work with lower vibrational energies in all their many forms and can facilitate a deep clearing of these energetic influences on a space. 



    What to Expect from a Space Clearing Session 


After a space clearing, your home or business may feel lighter, more open, clear and you may also notice changes within your own wellbeing. Since we spend most of our time at home or at work, the subtle influences that the energy of these spaces can have on you over time can be quite profound. 

You may find that you sleep better and there is a greater sense of peace and joy. It may also affect your relationships within the space and provide greater clarity in communication and intimacy. 

A space clearing will positively affect everyone who lives and works in the space. This can be very beneficial to a marriage, families, pets, coworkers and even your customers. 

Space clearing sessions are available Long Distance. There is no boundary to energy and therefore, a clearing can be facilitated regardless of location. If you have a special request for local in person Space Clearings, please contact us to learn more. 

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