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Entelechy Visions

What is Entelechy?

Entelechy/ənˈteləkē/ is a philosophical term coined by Aristotle, describing the concept that every living organism is encoded with their full potential realized. Just as a seed is already encoded with the plant in its fullest expression, as individuals we too are encoded with our fullest potential realized. 


This practice was shaped around this very concept of supporting your full potential. We come into this life already holding this within us, however we may have acquired various beliefs, emotional and energetic blocks, patterns, traumas, karmic issues, and a variety of influences from society, upbringing, and our relationships, etc.


Many of these can impede upon our ability to truly live from our full potential state. Everything develops on an energetic and emotional level in our lives and then moves outward into the physical. Every life experience we have is a profound lesson and mirror of how we relate to the world and what we hold in our emotional and energetic body.

We are here to support your path toward your greatest self!

The potent healing modality we practice assists in uncovering the layers of what may be preventing your full potential and offer in depth support and guidance for your healing path. 

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Sharon's Story


Sharon was always a sensitive soul, even as a child,  she was able to sense energies and experienced potent visions.  Being intuitive and a creative soul, she felt drawn to all things unique, other worldly and profound. Her path truly began at the age of 17 when she found yoga and meditation, this expanded and opened up her curiosity into the deeper meaning to existence and consciousness, that began a life long journey of soul searching and also the beginning of her love of yoga and a passion for healthThis led her to a path of Reiki many years later and becoming certified as a Reiki Practitioner in 2005. 


After experiencing a dark night of the soul for several years through physical illness around that time, she was synchronistically able to use the Reiki, she had been trained in, on herself in order to support her through this intense healing crisis.


Throughout her healing journey, she realized the strong imbalance in the healthcare system through firsthand experience as she was tossed around the healthcare system between over 20 doctors and specialists. The lack of approach toward the awareness of the energy body and wholeness of the individual within conventional healthcare, was extremely palpable and left her without any answers or resolution to her ailments.  After many traditional medical approaches, she finally took her health into her own hands and began to seek holistic methods. Energy healing was the primary modality that returned her back to a state of wellness,  and with each treatment, she began to  gain her health and her life back. 

About Entelechy Visions

Following this time period, with deep inspiration and experiences in her own lengthy recovery, she pursued an intense passion in learning everything she could about energetic healing modalities.  


She then spent the next 12 years deeply studying and training with many mentors/teachers, trainings, including working closely with Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Omega Institute for Holistic Studies  and Yoga Life Institute, deepening her studies of physical health and holistic healing.  Yoga shaped a large part of her path and has been a foundation on her healing journey, through studies in Ashtanga, Kripalu traditions, Kundalini, Pranakriya and Vinyasa, she had the opportunity to study with well versed teachers on these paths. She also had hands on experience working at wellness centers and natural health offices gaining knowledge about the energy body and how it pertains to physical ailments, including experience through mentorships from various practitioners in the fields of  energy healing modalities, nutrition, supplements, flower essences, physical therapy, women's health, chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage. 

She had found the powerful energy healing modality of Violet Alchemy Healing back in 2005, soon after her Reiki studies completed. Experiencing the lasting and  powerful effects that this had upon her own healing, she eventually became certified as a practitioner several years later. She also pursued advanced studies and certification, within the same lineage of studies, in cleansing lower vibrational energies from one's energy field and spaces. 


Soon after, Sharon had the opportunity for several years to help manage a world renowned retreat center, CoSM, in upstate New York, directed by well known visionary artists, Alex and Allyson Grey,  there she developed Healing Guest Services for the international guests who visited. This is where the concept of Entelechy Visions began as she offered healing sessions there, seeding this vision and eventually practicing at True Light Healing Center nearby in Kingston, NY. 

Her journey led her to the southwest in Arizona and the blooming of Entelechy Visions, she has been practicing here in the beauty of the Sonoran desert for many years now. 

In addition to her practice, she is also a professional artist, painter and designer. She has a deep love of nature, hiking, as well as music, as a singer and pianist.   To view Sharon's artwork, visit

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