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Mentorship Program


Are you ready to move into your greatest power and potentials in your life and in your gifts?

Are you looking for a personal mentor to support you through these powerful times?


Have you felt stuck or unhappy or as though you are meant to be doing something else with your life and it hasn't quite unfolded for you yet?





Big shifts happen with consistent healing, your energy field becomes completely realigned and this ripples out to benefit all areas of your life.


What to Expect from The Mentorship Program

This is a deeper more committed transformational process of  a series of 12 weekly 90 minute Intuitive Healing sessions available Remotely with the focus of transforming  areas of your life, based on your intentions and what is needed on a soul level. This is combined with the support of mentoring to provide tools and assistance during the journey and we're available to you as your personal guide throughout the 12 weeks for any questions and support may need related to your experience. 

Mentorship is different from the regular sessions in that you make the full commitment to yourself to step on a powerful journey of transformation with a consistent series of sessions and intention setting while being fully supported with the tools, resources, and guided healing support.
Over the course of the 12 weeks, you are taken on a journey that is mirrored by the themes of the cycles of nature from seeding and all the way to harvest, symbolic of the healing path. You are sent a weekly digital guidance of inspirations, tools and prompts to practice and utilize outside of our session time to aid you in your experience. Alongside these curated inspirations, you are given specific Entelechy Visions meditation/energy healing videos to coordinate with that specific week with access to our Member Program Healing Library of Tools and stage of the journey to further support your process. 

You are your own healer and what you are ready to unravel and shift is up to you. We act as your ally in partnership and your committed guide on your path to unfolding as you are deeply held in a safe container to uncover and shift in an enormous way. 


Our Approach

The journey of coming back home to yourself and remembering who you truly are can be one of the most rejuvenating and rewarding experiences. The power of this work supports a return to the magnificence of your true self and all of your greatest potentials that may be hidden or blocked. 

Life can be so busy and these powerful times can dim your light within. When you truly commit to your own self transformation, you carve out time to come back to yourself again. When you feel more balanced, whole and at ease, your life refelcts this in all areas. Anything that was stuck or uncertain can suddenly begin to move, as life is simply a reflection of what you hold within.

The Mentorship Program is a partnership of supporting you in a deep journey of self discovery, and working with you over a longer period of time for a deeper dive into your path and the many layers of you, for greater mastery on your path. It is supported by your higher self and guides and what is appropriate for your growth and expansion and the timing needed for you specifically. 

With the focal point of what you would like to transform, we will support in uncovering anything that is standing in the way of that, whether that is blockages, beliefs, patterns, energetic attachments, energetic or emotional residue from past experiences or traumas from this life or past lives or even self imposed energies and emotions that may be holding you back or a multitude of influences.

Each session builds upon the next and as you shift, your life begins to shift along with each session . Everything in our life stems from what we hold inside, we are the co-creators of our reality. As we grow, transform, elevate and blossom, our life begins to reflect this. 


I bring my full background to this program, all of the tips, tools and resources to you from over 20 years in the holistic health field with a passion and knowledge of a multitude of areas of wellness, having worked in the health field with chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists, physical therapists, women's health practitioners, naturopaths, nutritionists and Chinese Medicine doctors, I am able to relate this and refer out to you the additional support as needed.  

As an intuitive, I bring the gifts of being able to hear, sense and see visions, messages and guidance connected to your higher self and guides to this work. Certified as an Energetic Healing Practitioner for 18 years, I bring this energy awareness and evolution of multiple healing modalities, learn more about it here. I'm also a channel for the universal language of the soul, called light language and a professional dowser (pendulum) for 11 years. 

As an avid yoga and meditation practitioner for almost 25 years, I bring the depth of yogic studies from the lineages of Yin, Kripalu, Kundalini, Pranakriya, Ashtanga, pranayama and meditative tools. 

I also bring the depth of experience of Entelechy Visions healing practice from its onset in 2011 and the many souls I've guided/mentored over the years. I've been on the path of self discovery since finding yoga in 1998 and the many teachers, guides, trainings and resources that have shaped my own path over the years, I bring to you. This program is a culmination of it all and I'm excited to share it with you. 




What is included in the Mentorship Program?


Twelve 90 minute Intuitive  Healing sessions Remote -Series of 12 weekly sessions done remotely by phone. Involving guidance, energy work, tools, tips, resources and anything that is needed for your specific situation and path. 

Mentorship/Guidance- I am available to you as your guide throughout the entire 12 week process during our business hours for any questions, concerns and support you may need.   

Guidebook- Each week you will be sent a full designed layout of guided inspirations and prompts to support you through that stage of the program, guided by the cycles of nature all the way from intention seeding to the integration of harvest. 

Access to Healing Library of Tools- You  will receive access to  Entelechy Visions Guided Meditations/Energy Healing videos within our private Member Program, which includes an entire healing library of  videos and healing tracks, along with monthly group healing sessions. We can recommend specific videos to you throughout the program based on your individual needs to support you each week. 

You will have access to this Library throughout the duration of the Mentorship. 

Resources- You'll receive a list of recommended resources, including websites and reading material you can turn to that we have found beneficial over the years. 

Review- Final meeting at the completion of the twelfth session to reflect on the process and any additional tools needed for your path ahead. 

(Due to the nature of this work and the deep personal guidance involved, space is limited and we are only able to accept a few people into the program at a time. If space has filled, please contact us with your interest and we will add you to a waitlist for our next availability. We recommend at least one Intuitive Healing session with us as a pre-requisite.)

Full Mentorship Program Commitment is $2400

Payment plans are available here


You may wonder how a program like this can assist your path and your life in more tangible ways?


Areas that we can support with on this journey, but not limited to: 


*Enhancing and Strengthening Intuitive Gifts and Channeling Light Language

*Relationships with Loved Ones/Family/Children/Friendships/Coworkers

Marriage Support



Parenting Support

Life Path/Career 


Life Transitions, Loss, Grief, Loved Ones and Pets

Support for Moving to New Locations

Empowerment, Self Love, Body Image 

Ancestral Healing, Family Trauma

Childhood Trauma/Abuse

Surgery Recovery Support

Chronic Pain

Physical Illness/Conditions/Caretaker Support





Support for Empaths/Sensitive Souls/Intuitive Gifts

Support for Divine Feminine/Masculine Empowerment

Support for Creative Path

 This program requires your willingness and commitment to this path and the readiness to journey into your own powerful transformation. 

To connect about the program and to see if it's a fit for you,

Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call Below! 

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