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What is an Intuitive Healing Session?

Intuitive Healing Sessions
 Are based upon the healing modality Violet Alchemy Healing ®, a powerful modality of Energy Healing which uncovers the psychology of the chakra system,  facilitating a restructuring of the Human Energy field guided by your soul and your guides. 
Intuitive Healing Sessions look at the layers of your energy system and what is currently taking place, uncovering the energy psychology to support the restoration of balance, alignment and healing to the energy field and physical body. This potent modality helps to resolve  blocks, limiting beliefs, patterns originating from experiences, karmic issues and lower energy attachments that may be keeping you in a pattern of limitation and lack, impacting emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.
This work also supports in uncovering the roots of any physical ailment occurring in the body. Any ailment has an emotional and energetic root that has manifested into the physical body. 
Intuitive Healing Sessions support in rebuilding and empowering the Human energy field through transmissions of high frequency energy and  intuitive guidance. Elevation, lightness and ease are the result of releasing energies that are creating mental stagnation, emotional imbalance, physical suffering, spiritual disconnection, confusion and fear. 
This work assists and supports you to clear your human energy field from suffering and stagnation caused by lower vibrational energies, so more of your true self can shine through without the weight of negative energies, emotional/mental/energetic blockages, belief systems, limitations and patterns.  
This energetic shift completely reframes your energy field and ripples out to benefit are areas of life, your relationships, your work, your creations and your entire wellbeing. 
Image by Rodion Kutsaev
Violet Alchemy Healing® 

Benefits of Intuitive Healing Sessions

Helps to liberate you from limiting patterns that keep you stuck in emotional, mental or physical stagnation

Liberation from these energies opens you to feelings of lightness, freedom , flow and an inspiring momentum to move forward with your life

Releasing the weight of emotional and mental baggage and accumulated stress 

Letting go of outdated subconscious and conscious belief systems that can keep us trapped in unhealthy behaviors and patterns 

Resolving deep cellular patterning and core issues carried over from other lifetimes

Transforming limiting  core operating systems developed in childhood from trauma or other experiences

Releasing profound ancestral patterns, beliefs or cycles that have repeated through multiple generations

Shifting triggers in relationships and support for cutting unhealthy energetic cords

Uncovering emotional and energetic  root origins of physical ailments

Opening and cleansing the energy centers and meridians of the energy field for greater flow and elevation

Connecting with loved ones who have passed over , if it is meant for your soul and for your highest good

Increased sense of inner peace, lightness and well- being, allowing one to move easily into the flow of life, letting go of struggle and experiencing more ease and grace in daily living. 

Intuitive abilities can strengthen or come online due to the clearer container of your energy and elevation of light in your energy field

Brings awareness and understanding to each individual, empowering them to change through self responsibility and Divine assistance.
Violet Alchemy Healing® 

Areas of focus

Intuitive Healing Sessions can support on all levels of your wellbeing as well as all areas of life. 

As our lives are reflections of what we are holding within, when we tend to our inner world and all layers of our energy body and physical form, this ripples out into our life. 

Our physical reality is the last layer to shift, it is the densest layer of energy. When we focus on healing and cleansing all the other layers, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic, this ultimately effects our physical reality. 

Intuitive Healing Sessions can support Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually,  Energetically and Physically


Listed below are a few of the areas of focus we have supported with but not limited to:

Relationships with Loved Ones/Family/Children/Friendships/Coworkers

Marriage Support



Parenting Support

Life Path/Career 


Life Transitions, Loss, Grief, Loved Ones and Pets

Support for Moving to New Locations

Empowerment, Self Love, Body Image 

Ancestral Healing, Family Trauma

Childhood Trauma/Abuse

Cancer Journey/Caretaker Support

Surgery Recovery Support

Chronic Pain

Physical Illness/Conditions





Support for Empaths/Sensitive Souls/Intuitive Gifts

Support for Divine Feminine/Masculine Empowerment

Support for Creative Path

Image by Billy Huynh
Violet Alchemy Healing® 

What to expect in an intuitive healing session

You will be guided into a comfortable space, laying down and with eyes closed to connect with your inner world. 

The sessions are performed using the art of dowsing and Egyptian therapeutic pendulums. This allows access into the psychology of your chakra system and also to facilitate energetic releases and bringing in higher frequency energy for healing. 

In conjunction with your higher self, your guides and the many masters available for support, these sessions are facilitated in unison with your healing support team.
After consulting with you and your intention for the session, the work is shaped around your intention and what your higher self and soul is ready to heal and release.
You are your own healer, as you set your focus on what you would like to work on and shift within your life experience. This modality works on an energetic, emotional, mental, physical and even soul level. 

Light language is used during the session, the language of the universe, which is channeled to help support the healing. 
Channeled messages from your guides, masters, angels, etc. may also come through to aid and inspire healing. 

You may feel extremely relaxed, tired and may even fall asleep. That is perfect for your experience and is completely normal, it is a sign of the energy integrating and the cleansing taking place. 

You may have emotional releases as energies and issues come up for healing. 
You may also feel a variety of sensations in the body as the energy moves and clears
(Each session is different as it is catered for your highest good and what is needed for you in that now moment.) 

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