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Image by Pawel Czerwinski


Art Healing Sessions


Art is extremely healing on all levels.  Any creative expression allows us to move away from our minds and connect more deeply with our hearts and subconscious.


Art transcends words and gives a voice to feelings when there are no words to an energy or sensation.  When we make art related to these issues, it can help us process more deeply and reconnect with the playfulness of  creativity, which holds a deep healing power in and of itself. 

When we connect to our own healing through the outlet of creativity, we tap into our subconscious, our emotions and energy field, as the areas that are calling for healing are often stored there.  


We offer a safe, non-critical and comfortable space for your expression through this guided journey of art healing. 

As a life long art lover and professional artist and painter, with a Bachelors in Fine Arts,  we bring several decades of relationship with creativity and healing to this offering.  

You don't have to be an artist or skilled in art to do this, for there is no wrong way to make art. It's a matter of your willingness to express yourself and allow what comes up the room for creation.   



"Remember your creative self, your true nature through playfulness, joy, healing and your own heart. Lift the veil from your eyes to break free from the illusion of hypnotic daily living and let your true nature reveal itself through your creativity. When you tap into your own creative forces and awaken your true nature, you elevate your consciousness."

Image by Adrien Converse
Image by Alex Mihis
Image by Shyam

What to Expect from an ART HEALING Session

As the session begins, we connect beforehand to discuss the area(s) of focus that are coming up for you that you are looking to dive deeper into and help to shift through this powerful healing tool.

The session is performed laying down, clothed, on a massage table as we connect to your higher self, your guides and healing support team to intuit a personalized Guided Meditation healing  journey.

The Guided Meditation journey is also based upon your intentions and area(s) of concern to lead you through an experience that involves creative visualization inspiration and also energy work to release blocks/emotions/etc related to your intentions and areas you are seeking support . This experience allows you to connect more deeply with your intentions, shift on an energetic level and also to gather inspiration and empowerment  for your creation process.  

Following the Guided Healing Meditation, you are then led to an area for art expression to choose from many different mediums of art tools that are provided for you.  If shapes, colors or any imagery want to emerge, this is a safe space to allow yourself to connect with your inner creative well, your own heart space and the healing power of art. 

There is a ceremonial quality to this part of the experience, accompanied by sound healing nearby while you create in your own space. 

We  then connect afterward and discuss your experience and to include any intuitive creative prompts for your at home creativity practices. 

All art supplies are included during this session, available for your creation process. 

Our Approach

This is a safe space for creativity. We are not here to judge or critique your work. If you have never made art before, it is all the more reason to begin to open up to your creativity! 

This is a powerful modality for expression and healing that connects you more deeply to your internal processes and heart expression. 

It is our passion to merge art with healing, as they go hand in hand and help to move energy and emotion that may have been hidden. 

These practices have been based upon years of our own personal art making journey, training in healing and art, coupled with our approach to meditation, energy work and health. 


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