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We are excited to launch our new membership program on Patreon this year!
This is an opportunity to dive deeper into this work anytime you need it with many tools of support on a new platform. We have a library of healing tools that we have been building that can support you outside of the private sessions. 

These are powerful times we are living in and having more tools of support is beneficial to navigate the shifts on the planet and in your own life in these times. This library of tools will be exclusive to this member program and includes regular video library additions.  

To further support you, we are also offering a monthly group Intuitive Healing session based on current collective themes in this program. This will offer a monthly access to healing support on a consistent basis. 
Learn  more about what's included in a membership below! 

Member's Library to Support You in Your own Time and Space
Image by Thomas Lefebvre

How Does it Work?

Our Member Program Includes Exclusive Access to an Entire Library of Healing Tools of Light Language Healing Tracks and Energy Healing Videos to support you anytime you need it. 

I've been building upon this library for several years and am excited to bring to you this platform that allows for easy access for healing support outside of personal sessions. Each video includes 10-25 minutes of Intuitive Energy work/Light Language Healing and tips for specific topics. Light Language is the universal language of the soul and facilitates an energetic restructuring of your energy body to cleanse and release blocks, while offering upliftment, and empowerment for your energy field.

You can turn to these tracks for a quick reset in times of need for instant relief.

Being part of this membership will give you access to all of these tracks that can help navigate these powerful times with greater ease.

These light language tracks work on all layers of the energy field so you feel clearer, more centered and uplifted no matter what you are moving through.

This library is ever expanding and will grow as I tune into what is needed collectively. Videos will be added regularly.

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Membership includes: 
Access to member exclusive Light Language Video Library on a variety of topics to support your pathMany videos focus on different parts of the energy field and also various themes such as support for emotional upset, physical body support, daily cleansing for all chakras, heart healing, activations for expansion, anxiety support, elevation of intuition, and so much more! New videos added regularly as part of your membership

Access to monthly Group Intuitive Healing Sessions- Each month we will share a mini Group Intuitive Healing Session based on current collective themes. This will involve energy healing, a taste of the modality we use in personal sessions. This can include cleansing for your energy field of lower vibrational energies, releasing patterns, beliefs, soul/ past life blocks, support for your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. These are some of the themes that can arise. 
Full access to our Patron Community
You will also receive access to additional offerings and more as this community expands

Image by Thomas Lefebvre


 This program includes energy work, a cleansing and support for your entire energy field and physical body. 

How to Listen:

We recommend focusing on one track at a time. Listening 1-3 times a day for increased benefits, as the energy increases in your energy field with each listen. Listening for multiple consecutive days will further amplify the effects. 

We recommend to be laying in a safe, quiet, comfortable space while listening, preferably not around other people or large crowds. We also recommend to not be operating a vehicle while listening to the library or other tools in this program. 

Integration Symptoms:

As with personal sessions, after listening to different tracks in this library, please hydrate. You may feel a release of energies or emotions surface as they come up to shift. You could also feel sleepy during or after listening. 

This is unique to each individual, but symptoms can occur as energy shifts in your energy field and body. If there is a resurgence of old injuries or any physical discomfort, it can be a sign of the release and integration. Emotional releases can surface or mental chatter. This often passes within 24-48 hours. Overall the tracks can provide a calming and clearing effect, allowing you to feel more centered, more yourself and balanced in whatever may be occurring within you and in your life. All of this work is safe and orchestrated by source/divine/universal energy and a healing team of guides and support. Feel free to contact me directly with any further questions regarding this.

For Personal Support:

This program is not meant to replace private sessions but is a library of tools to aid you in times of need for a quick reset. If you are needing more specific support for your personal situations, consider our private sessions for additional support.

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