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Children are very energetically sensitive in their early years.

 Intuitive Healing Sessions can support for younger children (newborn -12 years old) who are in need of healing support on an emotional, mental, physical and energetic level.  Their energy fields can be impacted by their emotions and  energies they are holding from experiences they have had or soul level influences just like adult human energy fields.  
Their energy may require even more support, especially in these powerful times and because they haven't grown into their own awareness yet to seek healing support and tools for themselves.  
Over the years,  I've worked with parents nationally to support many children with numerous benefits to their overall wellbeing. 

As parents, you love your children deeply, so in pursuing a healing session for them, it is important to hold a level of higher perspective without expectation. Each individual has their own soul and each soul has a plan for their path. The session is governed by the child's higher self and guides for what is for their highest good in that moment. This work is completely safe for them and holds significant benefits even from a distance. Learn more about Remote Healing benefits here. 

We recommend to schedule a complimentary discovery call to learn more and to discuss your child's needs for the session before scheduling. 

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Book Complimentary Discovery Call 

 Intuitive Healing sessions for Children offer a comforting, nurturing tune up to their energetic system, so they can feel lighter and more at ease in support of their overall well being.  

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What to Expect from aN INTUITIVE HEALINg Session for your CHILD

Intuitive Healing Sessions for your child are available remotely. Your child does not have to be present for the session or laying down during the scheduled session time. We connect with their higher self, asking permission to work with them and the intention is set for the session to integrate while they are sleeping that night. There is the option to have a live phone session with you about your child where a 10 minute consultation is included with you to discuss your concerns about them and support needed. 

There is also the option instead to have a recorded session sent to your email after the session that you can listen to. The benefits of this option are that you can return to it to refer to again. 

The age group of newborn-12 years old is our focus due to the self awareness shifts that take place in adolescent years and their abilities to begin navigating their path and choices. 


Sessions are facilitated using the healing modality used in private sessions. Learn more about our approach here. 

Children respond very similarly like we do to energy healing, as it can provide a sense of balance, upliftment, peace and relaxation to name a few benefits, while releasing blocks in their energy field for overall wellbeing. 


Please Note* If you have multiple children you are interested in sessions for,  please contact us directly or discuss in discovery call as their needs can determine length of session recommended. 

benefits of Healing for Children

Healing for your child supports in opening up the energy centers of their energy field, alleviating stagnation, emotional and energetic blockages and even cleansing any lower energy attachments in their energy field that children can also accumulate. This can impact their mental health, mood, behavior, and more. When their energy field is lighter, they can feel more like themselves, uplifted and relaxed. 

*Support for Behavioral Issues 

*Support for sibling relationships

*Support for Parent/Child Relationship

*Moving through Life Transitions

*Stress With Recent Changes in Your Life

*Physical Wellbeing/Ailments

*Mood/Mental Health/Hyperactivity/Anxiety

*Sleep Quality 



*Self worth/Confidence

*Support for Special Needs

*Support and Tools for Highly Sensitive Children

*And More  Based on Individual Needs

*Please Note: For Healing Sessions for Children, practical tools are provided to the parent after the session to support the parent and child related to the session themes.

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