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  Sound Healing Sessions
We are made up of energy and energy is ultimately frequency and vibration. Sound is also a frequency and vibration and it is scientifically proven that when we use sound as a healing tool, the frequencies within the sound can shift and elevate our own vibrational frequency of our energy fields and our bodies.
Sound is an extremely powerful healing tool and has a unique intelligence to shift us on deeply profound levels. 

With a life long passion for music, we bring over 20 years of experience with sound and music as a classically trained pianist and singer and as a sound healing practitioner for over ten years.
Sound holds a special place in this practice for it is an element that has shaped this practice in many ways. We love sharing this powerful healing tool and aiding your own path and a return to balance. 


How Does Sound Healing Work?

Sound healing is a wonderful tool to support the unraveling of tension and stress that accumulates in our bodies and energy field throughout our busy daily lives.

The therapeutic use of sound dates back to gongs and vocal chanting, to instruments used in Tibetan cultures and even tracing back to 40,000 years ago to indigenous Australians using didgeridoos for healing. It is scientifically proven that the vibrations of sound affect the vibrations of the energy field and our physical cells, ultimately benefiting the overall wellbeing of our entire state of wellness.


Sound is intelligent and moves into the areas that need rebalancing, helping to cleanse and release emotional, mental and energetic blockages. However, as a practitioner of sound therapy, we intuitively approach each session and focus on areas within your energy field and body that are in need of balance.  Each sound healing tool offers a specific benefit to the energy field and physical body.

Here at Entelechy Visions we use a variety of sound healing tools for your experience, including a range of crystal bowls, tuning forks, chimes, and a variety of other instruments in order to help to realign the energy centers of the body, bringing you back into balance and peace. 

What to Expect From Sound Healing Sessions

Sound Healing sessions offer a deep restoration for your body, nervous system, mind and energy field with transformative relaxation and alignment. Utilizing our intuitive approach to healing in combination with the intelligence of the vibrations of sound through various sound healing tools, sound healing sessions support to transform your entire being to return back to balance.


Sound Healing brings you into a deep alpha brain wave state (relaxed consciousness) of rest that restores you on all levels.

You may even move into theta state (meditative state) and delta (sleep, where deep healing takes place)

You may feel extremely relaxed, peaceful, feeling as though you've entered an altered state of consciousness and may even drift off into a deep healing rest during the session. Upon waking, many have a  feeling of rejuvenation and a profound new sense of calm and joy to carry into their lives. 

Sessions are performed clothed laying on a massage table.


Benefits of Sound Healing

With the fast paced shifts in our lives and in the world, our nervous systems are calling for restoration and a safe relaxing space of comforting rest to heal. Sound Healing brings you into a deep alpha state of rest that restores you on all levels. It can also support with many health benefits including: 

*Lower Stress Levels

*Uplift Mood 
*Decrease Anxiety and Depression

*Lower Blood Pressure

*Support Sleep Disorders

*Reduce Muscle Tension and Pain

*Mental Refreshment 

*Supports Overall Mental, Emotional and Physical Health

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