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Remote Intuitive Healing Sessions

Intuitive healing sessions have powerful healing benefits regardless of your location

Everything is energy and as individuals we also  hold energy and a frequency in our human energy field.  Everything is connected and as individuals, we are all connected, it is this interconnectedness that allows remote energy healing to be transferred over long distances. There truly is no time and space when it comes to the healing process and energetic transformation. 

Remote Intuitive Healing Sessions hold powerful benefits to assist in rebalancing your energy field while in the comfort of your own home. Remote sessions are equally potent and profoundly effective and can be very convenient especially if you are not locally based.

Remote sessions are available Internationally (fluency in english required)  


To learn more about the modality and offerings of Remote Intuitive Healing Sessions please view Intuitive Healing Sessions page here


What to Expect from a Remote Intuitive Healing Session

Remote healing sessions are experienced over the phone. Your intentions for the session and issues are addressed remotely and we will consult with you prior to beginning the session to discuss more of what you would like to focus on and any areas of concern. 

During the session, you will be asked to lie down in a comfortable position

and  in a receptive state. All that is needed is an open mind and the willingness to receive healing.  Remote Intuitive Healing sessions are just like our In Person Intuitive Healing offerings, please visit that page to learn more about the depth of this modality. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I feel anything from the healing since it's done remotely?

Everyone is different and has different sensitivity levels to feeling energies. However, even if you don't experience any sensation, this does not mean that releases and healing aren't occurring. 

Some experience tingling or warm sensations in the areas being worked on as well as a welcoming  calm, peace and lightness. Oftentimes sleepiness follows a session, as the energy and session integrates.

What if I'm in a different time zone than Arizona?

Our scheduling system allows you to choose your time zone to suit your location. Sessions are scheduled based upon your local time zone. 

Clients with young children- What if I don't have childcare and the time to step away from watching my children for the session?

We offer the opportunity to do a recorded session that can be sent to you after the session is finished. 

If timing or childcare is an issue , we would check in by e-mail or phone prior to the session to discuss your intentions. At your scheduled session time, the session is done with the intentions for it to integrate while you sleep that evening. 

Do you offer sessions outside of the country?

Yes we do! However, fluency in English is required. Sessions can be booked within our hours as it aligns with your country's time zone. .

Can I gift someone in another state or country a session? 

Yes, we offer customized digital gift certificates for all of our remote services as well as in person sessions. Contact us to inquire!

Can I record the session remotely?

Of course! However you choose to set that up, we are open to the recording of remote and In Person  sessions. 

If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! 

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