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                     True Self Portrait Commissions


True Self Portraits are custom portrait paintings to honor the inner self. Each portrait is catered to the individual person, their path and interests in an intuitive creation.  
While developing the customized portrait, the creation process becomes a guided journey. I receive many visions and messages while painting the portrait that I share with you when finished. View size and rates below. To view more of my artwork, please visit my art website at 

Origin of the True Self Portraits

The True Self Portraits were seeded after taking a self portrait art workshop many years ago, the course was an intense study of your own self in a mirror for an entire weekend, creating artworks from these studies. To look at yourself in this way is a practice that evokes vulnerability and acceptance. I developed a portrait that weekend that felt I was in touch with my own higher self. Little did I know that this portrait would eventually become the spark to feed the flame of a greater project. 
A year later, I was developing portraits for friends and those closest to me. It began as a way to extend my gratitude to those in my life I cared deeply for. The seed was planted and these portraits exuded something profound about the people I was painting. You could see their inner light  through their eyes, through their expression, through the art. I felt I was capturing the way I see their energy and the truth of who they really are.
Soon, I was offered commissions to paint additional portraits. I was honored and felt it was starting to become something greater than I imagined. I painted someone who I do not know but I had a reference photo of her. Being a practitioner of healing arts and able to sense energy, I began to sense the energies of this woman I was painting. It was new to me, to be able to tap into the energy of someone I didn't know without interacting with them. I was receiving visions of what to paint while creating the portrait.  
This was the beginning of the vision of "True Self" Portraits. I was peering in on the energy of the person I was painting and witnessing their truth.

Experiencing the Intuitive Creating Process

As my own healing practice evolved, so did the True Self Portraits. I was able to see visions more clearly and experience energy more profoundly. People were coming to me with different life issues. They soon became healing portraits and empowering portraits. I also receive messages during the creation process which I share with the person I'm painting.
I was commissioned to paint a friend's relative who was suffering with brain cancer. His step mother wanted to have the portrait and she sat for the photo reference, even though she was severely ill. During the painting process, her health declined and she moved into hospice. The experience I had while painting it was reflecting what she was going through. It was a very intense experience painting someone who was in hospice. I felt her energy from a distance even though I didn't know her personally. I could see her energy leaving her body even before she was gone. Needless to say, the portrait was reflecting that. It started very transparent and then I started to honor her life that she led and it became more solid on the canvas.
Although it eventually became a grieving tool that my friend used after she passed, the piece highlighted her beauty, her light and the empowered strong person she was. 


A True Self Portrait of Your Own


Please contact me through this site for a portrait commission. I work with each individual on their True Self Portrait journey and also offer them as gifts for loved ones, with photo reference.


Size options-

Available as a Painting on Canvas or Pencil Illustration on Archive Paper 
8" x 10"- $200
9" x 12"- $250
11" x 14"- $300

(Inquire for larger sizes and pricing. Contact me for more details.
Additional non-refundable $50 deposit made at time of order, for supplies and shipping.
Additional costs added for shipping outside of the United States.)

Note: 2-3 weeks turn around time for portraits.

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