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As we move through life we are affected by the layers of experiences we have and a variety of influences, including our upbringing, society, beliefs we have shaped within ourselves, relationships and a multitude of layered patterns, emotions and energies. We are magnificent beings, but also complex in nature.

We hold within us a profound ability to live in our fullest potential and greatest self.

Here at Entelechy Visions, we offer a variety of intuitive healing services to assist you in opening up to your greatness, by inviting the awareness to let go of anything that is holding you back.


When we heal, release and empower our path we begin to live in our truth, our purest form, and our fullest potential. 


Healing Services

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In Person Healing Sessions


Remote Healing Sessions to support your healing path long distance

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Remote Intuitive Guidance to offer clarity and perspective

Energetic Space cleansing for your home or your business 

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In Person Sound Healing Sessions





 Mentorship Program


About Sharon 


Sharon is the founder of Entelechy Visions healing practice. She is an intuitive energy healing practitioner, Mentor, Sound Healer, Musician and Artist who has been practicing in the field of healing arts, yoga and holistic health for over 20 years. As an empathic intuitive, she incorporates this energy awareness into her healing work.   


She is a certified Violet Alchemy Healing Practitioner and Reiki Practitioner with advanced studies and certification in cleansing lower vibrational energies from one's energy field and spaces. As a professional dowser, she uses the pendulum as an integral part of her practice.  


With 30 years experience as a classically trained musician and singer, she also brings this quality to her practice through the modality of sound therapy. Through the healing power of sound, this potent healing therapy holds a special place in this practice. 

With her varied background she brings a creative, empathic and informative approach to her practice as well as in depth experience in the field of holistic healing and spiritual practices. 

From her own story of healing, Sharon is deeply passionate about inspiring others to return to a state of greater wellbeing and living in their full potential.
She provides a safe, comfortable space where it is okay to completely unravel, release what is standing in the way of your greatness and come back to who you truly are.

You are your own healer on this path, she is there to guide you always back to yourself. 
If you feel called to work with her, she would be honored to be part of your healing path! 


Image by Dave Hoefler

"She has helped me heal and release trauma that my body still remembered and carried. She has allowed me to truly heal without judgment of what came up in the session. My anxiety after the first session was completely gone, and that had been something I have been dealing with for so many years that it became second nature. I walked out a whole new person, I felt free and loved and I experienced a connection to the divine that was powerful."


Scottsdale, AZ

Image by Dave Hoefler

"Energy healing is rooted in quantum physics. It's as important to find someone in tune with the science but also able to translate the experience. I know Sharon Stelluto/Entelechy Visions personally and as a physician I support and recommend her as a true healer." 

Dr. Kerilyn Bollmann

Owner of Vital Medicine for the Soul

(AZ 2020 Top Doctor)

Phoenix, AZ

Image by Dave Hoefler

"Sharon is an empathic, insightful, amazing healer who is also very humble, loving and down to earth. I've worked with her for years now, and healing sessions with her are an integrative part of my self care. I've been able to transform so much through consciously working with what comes up in her sessions with me. She is a true medium and intuitive - the most authentic one I know!"

Maggie K. 


San Francisco, CA

Image by Dave Hoefler

"I can't thank Sharon enough for the way my session has helped me! She is extremely gifted in her work and I am incredibly grateful to know her! I contacted her for a session at a time in my life where I felt I was stuck. My session was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself and it was right on time! If you feel even just a slight curiosity or nudging to have Sharon assist you- just do it! Don't hesitate- your soul will thank you!!"

April S. 


What People Say

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