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As a business owner you may have to wear all of the hats, the business side of logistics and running a business as well as being your own designer, marketer and creative to share the vision of your business with the world. You may be looking to start a business or are looking to improve upon these areas of your business. 

I wanted to create a space for this support, to allow business owners to receive creative, design, technology guidance while also feeling supported to uncover any energetic blocks with them toward their business growth on an energetic level. 

We offer a supportive, intuitive, creative and informational collaboration for your creative and business needs with over 25 years as a professional artist and tech savvy designer, with a Bachelors in Fine Arts,  combined with our intuitive healing approach.  We bring several decades of relationship with creativity and healing to this offering.  Having worked with many businesses large and small for their design needs and shaping all design aspects for Entelechy Visions and our art site and store, we're excited to combine our creative healing approach here to support you.  

Image by Sasha Putsyk

Support For You


  • This is for you if you are seeking support for the creative, technological aspects and energetic framework of your business as you start a business. 

  • You are seeking support for your existing business and need guidance for design, technology tutorials. 

  • You are an existing business looking to grow your business and know there are energetic blocks around your business that are holding you back. 

"The creative design of your business speaks louder than words. It shares the spirit of your business as a face to the world.

Your business has an energetic field, just like a human energy field and it's important for it to flow in alignment with your vision, free of energetic blocks in order to rise to new levels."

Image by Dewang Gupta
Image by Akira Hojo




Business and Creative Consulting Sessions

A time to connect about any areas of your business creatively or technologically that you are seeking support for. 

In each session, we will discuss 2-3 areas of your interest. 

Options to choose from below. 

  • Logo/Design/Colors

  • Designing a Business Card

  • Designing Literature/Brochures/Rack Cards

  • Social Media

  • Instagram/How to Build and Maintain

  • Linktree/How to Use it for Instagram profile

  • Canva/How to use it for Business Design Needs/Reel Creation

  • Designing Event Fliers/Creating a Facebook Event

  • Facebook/Build a Business Page/Facebook Banner Design

  • Creating a Facebook Group and Maintaining/Banner Design


  • Requires 2 Sessions to Discuss

  • Website /Design/Colors /Specializing in Wix/ How to Build

  • Youtube/Create a Channel and Maintain/Youtube Banner Design

  • Creating videos and Editing in iMovie

  • Patreon/How to Build and Maintain a Patreon Page


Image by Shyam


Individual Sessions

Business +Creative Consulting

With focus on 2-3 areas of business creative support 


Seeding Your Vision

This package is for those who are in the creation phase of their business.

Helping you build the creative framework of your business along with the tangible pieces as you begin a business. The Intuitive Healing offers you support for any energetic blocks related to beginning your business and empowerment for its growth.


Includes 3 Sessions

2  Business and Creative Consulting 

1 Intuitive Healing 


Expanding Your Vision

This package is for those who already have a business, but are seeking support for creative aspects and technology support. It is also supportive for those who sense there are blocks around their business and growing it to the next level. 


Includes  5 Sessions

2  Business and Creative Consulting 

2  Intuitive Healing

1 Energetic Space Cleansing for Your Business Location 

Our Approach


This is a safe space for creativity, we work in collaboration with you, with your ideas, visions and style. We keep your aesthetic in mind when approaching these consulting sessions and check in with you about your visions to better support you for your design needs.  It can be helpful to bring to these sessions ideas that you have, palette interests etc. However, it is not necessary and we support in shaping a vision with you. 

In the Creative Consulting sessions, we support with your current needs, whether that is a focus on technology tutorials, or guidance for your creative vision of your business and how you present it to the world and online. 


It is our passion to merge creativity with healing, as they go hand in hand and help to move energy and emotion that may have been hidden. 

A business is not just a creation, it is an extension of you, a mirror that shows you your deepest lessons. 


Using the Intuitive Healing modality used in personal healing sessions that is a psychology of the chakra systems, we look at your energy related to your business to support with any blocks and empowering you for your business' growth as each chakra has many different themes related to how it affects your business. 


The location of your business effects the success and energy of your business. Especially if you practice in an office or location that had previous owners or surrounding neighbors. The energies and experiences of previous business owners of that location will influence the energy of your business, as well as the energy and influences of surrounding businesses.

Businesses are often a place where there is a lot of traffic and a lot of energy occurring in that space, overtime this energy accumulates and can impact the success and quality of your business. 

Even if you work from home, the energy of your home office can deeply influence your business. In our space cleansing sessions for your business, we cleanse any influences that may be impacting your business and empower it for its full potential ands success.

We bring this combination of the creative aspects of your business to the energetic healing needs of your business.


Your Chakras
Related to Your Business

Your Energy Field Influences Your Business

Your energy field deeply influences your business like a mirror of what you are holding within. Here is a summary of themes within each chakra related to your business and how it can influence. Support for this is availablet in Intuitive Healing sessions

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