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All animals have an energy field and chakra system just like we do. 

Their energy field can be impacted by their emotions, energies they are holding from experiences they have had or soul level influences. Many animals can also hold the imprint of traumas within their energy bodies and that can greatly influence them on an emotional, mental, physical and energetic level. Over the years I've worked with many beloved pets remotely and in person.
I have aided in support for animal's pain levels, ailments, support in behavior issues, anxiety/depression, trauma, loss experienced and even supported in end of life comfort for them. 
Animals respond very similarly like we do to energy healing, as it can provide a sense of balance, upliftment, peace and relaxation to name a few benefits, while releasing blocks in their energy field for overall wellbeing. 

We love our animals deeply, so in pursuing a healing session for them, it is important to hold a level of higher perspective without expectation. Each animal has their own soul and each soul has a plan for their path. The session is governed by the animal's higher self and guides for what is for their highest good in that moment. This work is completely safe for them and holds significant benefits even from a distance. Learn more about Remote Healing benefits here. 

Since animals are not able to ask or pursue their own healing, these sessions are offered to support your beloved pet if they are moving through any healing issues, behavior concerns, trauma, loss, transition or in need of any support. 

Intuitive Healing sessions for Pets offer a comforting, nurturing tune up to their energetic system, so they can feel lighter and more at ease in support of their overall well being.  

Image by Ruby Schmank

What to Expect from aN INTUITIVE HEALINg Session for your pet

Intuitive Healing Sessions for your pet are available remotely. Your pet does not have to be laying down or still during the scheduled session time. There is the option to have a live phone session with you about your pet where a 10 minute consultation is included with you to discuss your concerns about them and support needed. 

There is also the option instead to have a recorded session sent to your email after the session that you can listen to. 


Sessions are facilitated using the healing modality used in private sessions. Learn more about our approach here. 

Your pet may be sleepy after the session and also noticeably more relaxed and uplifted once they integrate the session. 


Please Note* If you have multiple pets you are interested in sessions for, we can offer a 90 minute session for up to 2 pets.  Please schedule separate sessions for additional pets if needed. 

benefits of Pet Healing

Healing for your Pet supports in opening up the energy centers of their energy field, alleviating stagnation, emotional and energetic blockages and even cleansing any lower energy attachments in their energy field that pets can also accumulate. This can impact their mental health, mood, behavior, and more. When their energy field is lighter, they can feel more like themselves, uplifted and relaxed. 

*Support for New Pet Moving Into Home 

*Behavioral issues

*Pet who is Grieving Another Pet 

*Stress With Recent Changes in Your Life

*Physical Wellbeing/Ailments

*Mood/Mental Health

*Sleep Quality 

*Support for End of Life

*And More  Based on Individual Needs

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