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Energy Balancing 

Our human energy field is made up of a variety of aspects, we are energy in physical form and there is much that is occurring within and around us on an energetic level at every single moment. 

There are many layers to our energy field that are constantly interacting with our outer world, the energies of others, locations we visit, as well as the effects of our own thoughts and emotions upon our well being. Our human energy field holds a beautiful and complex network of energetic points through our
chakras, our meridians or energy lines of the body and the mulitide of layers in our energy field. 

All of this intricate make up to our energetic system can become blocked or stagnant within the daily stressors of life. It is important to support our energetic system to flow more freely, so it doesn't create long standing patterns, imbalance in the body or various blockages that can build over time. 

Energy Balancing sessions offer a comforting , nurturing tune up to your energetic system, so you can feel lighter and more at ease with a clearer focus toward your life and overall well being.  
Sometimes deeper healing work is needed and other times, we simply crave a safe comforting space to unravel, return to peace and restore with greater levity and ease for our body, mind and emotions. Energy Balancing Sessions offer this restoration. 

When we tend to the energy body, we take our health into our own hands, creating prevention care for ourselves before imbalance can occur. 

Image by Yousef Espanioly

What to Expect from aN Energy Balancing Session

Energy Balancing Sessions are available In Person. They are done clothed while laying on a massage table. They  focus specifically on the chakra centers and energetic points of the body to assist in realignment.


This is facilitated through intuitive dowsing to locate the blocked and stagnant areas within your energy field and body. Energetic healing is  also done to help to shift blockages and stagnation. This is combined with the use of a variety of sound therapy tools to open up the energetic flow in the body and energy field. Intuitive guidance is offered afterward to support with any tips and tools that can better assist your energy body.

This a non-verbal session, accompanied with calming music and sound healing tools for deep relaxation. Only offered in person due to the nature of focus on sound therapy support for the body and energy field. 

For deeper healing work, please consider our In Person or Remote Intuitive Healing Session offerings. 

benefits of aN Energy Balancing

Energy Balancing Sessions support in opening up the energy centers of the human energy field, alleviating stagnation, emotional and energetic blockages. 

When energy can flow more freely in our main chakra centers and meridians we feel lighter, calmer and more at ease in our overall wellbeing. 

These sessions are wonderful for stress relief for deep relaxation and rejuventaion from the regular stressors of life. When our energy field feels balanced, this ultimately supports our entire nervous system and body to  feel calmer and better able to approach our lives with clarity and ease.  

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