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"Sharon has an incredible ability to hold space and acknowledge what's going on in a very compassionate way.  And she has incredible tools to peel the layers and clear things at the core level. I'm very grateful to have had a chance to work with her. Thank you so much!!!"

S. J.

Honolulu, HI

Sound Healing Session

"I felt like I was on a cloud, like I had drifted into the cosmos temporarily, hovering in the space between waking and sleeping. I've never felt that relaxed before. I could lay in that space everyday "

T. B. 
Scottsdale, AZ

"The healing work has just been incredible. The pain in my neck has reduced a lot! I was going to a chiropractor more than once a month and having the same adjustment done, yet the next day and subsequent days, the pain would come back and radiate up into my head. It's definitely a lot better.

Andrea J.
San Francisco, CA


"The intuitive healing work that Sharon does is amazing. When I had a session, it was as if there was a culmination of forces in my life. So many things were coming to a head, and through the session, much clarity was revealed around the  subtle forces that were causing such strife in my life. Sharon is a loving, beautiful person and her healing work resonates that, completely. After the session, I immediately felt better and positive changes have been ongoing in my life since then. So many things were called to my attention, and from the additional awareness, many changes were opened up to be made. I am eternally thankful and I highly recommend her work."

Noiyeh F. 

"Thank you SO much for your work. It's really just saved me and helped me continue growing into the person I want to be.and the person I know I am but sometimes  can't quite get back to."

Entelechy Visions client

"Sharon is an empathic, insightful, amazing healer who is also very humble, loving and down to earth. I've worked with her for years now, and healing sessions with her are an integrative part of my self care. I've been able to transform so much through consciously working with what comes up in her sessions with me. She is a true medium and intuitive - the most authentic one I know! Book a session with her, you won't regret it!"


"Energy healing is rooted in quantum physics. It's as important to find someone in tune with the sceince but also able to translate the experience. I know Sharon Stelluto/Entelechy Visions personally and as a physician I support and recommend her as a true healer." 

Dr Kerilyn Bollmann
Owner of Vital Medicine for the Soul 
Phoenix, AZ
( AZ Top Doctor 2020)

"Sharon is a phenomenal healer and human being. Her work gets right to the energetic heart of the challenges you are seeking guidance on, and she has grounded real world suggestions to back up her work. Ive contacted Sharon for healing when experiencing intense states of anxiety and grief, and had instant immense relief and the clarity and strength to see it through due to the amazing efficacy of her work and the outstanding amount of love she pours into it! "

Maggie K.
San Francisco, CA

"Before doing this work, I would've reacted in fear in the times we are living in. Now I react in trust."

Entelechy Visions Client
Scottsdale, AZ

"Through her careful energy work, Sharon was able to view my energy body from a remote location and managed to elucidate the deeply engrained emotional and spiritual blockages that have been with me for a very long time. Through her work, Sharon helped me to recognize the basis of my most deeply seeded insecurities and doubts, and was able to clear my energy field to enable new growth and transformation. After working with her, I felt lighter both spiritually and physically, and felt less physical pain in my body. I also experienced renewed strength and motivation to take on ambitious tasks for self improvement. It has been a truly remarkable and invaluable gift to undergo this healing, as I continue to feel its effects each day."

Lia S.
Performing Artist 
New York 

"The effect of Sharon's work is undeniably transformative, and it's not just about how you feel afterwards. There is something truly empowering about a modality that accesses information, and bestows you with the necessary knowledge to be able to identify limitations in your field, so that you can shift it at its source. It's not about handing over the job to someone else to change you, it's about fulfilling a commitment to become your best self, and getting the most thorough possible feedback on what it is that you need to take into account to do so. I will certainly be working with Sharon again."

New York

"I can't thank Sharon enough for the way my session has helped me! She is extremely gifted in her work and I am incredibly grateful to know her! I contacted her for a session at a time in my life where I felt I was stuck. I had done quite a bit of soul work on my own part, but I had this feeling like there was more that I needed. More to my story that I couldn't reach on my own. My session was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself and it was right on time! I also had an intuitive portrait created by Sharon at a later date. There are simply no words to describe the positive affects from my interactions with her. If you feel even just a slight curiosity or nudging to have Sharon assist you- just do it! Don't hesitate- your soul will thank you!!"

April S.

"Since the healing session, I've felt a rebirth of knowledge and confidence! Truth. I'm forever grateful for the gift of healing! I know it is a process but I feel soooo much lighter! I am able to maintain this peace and calm that I havent had in years! Thank you beautiful soul! Thank you guides and higher self!"

New Jersey

"Thank you so much Sharon! I am so thankful to have come in contact with Sharon. It has been an eye opening experience and is something I would do over and over again. Thank you Sharon for following your calling!"


"Sharon was recommended to me by a co-worker after she had a healing session. I was not sure what to expect as this was something different than what I had previously done. I am now three sessions in,  and my first experience was nothing I expected, things came up from the depths of my being that I thought I had dealt with. She has helped me heal and release trauma that my body still remembered and carried. She has allowed me to truly heal without judgment of what came up in the session. My anxiety after the first session was completely gone, and that had been something I have been dealing with for so many years that it became second nature. I walked out a whole new person, I felt free and loved and I experienced a connection to the divine that was powerful. This last session was just as magical and transformative. I left my session full of joy, my soul was bursting with it. The love that she is able to connect me with from the higher beings is unlike anything I have experienced. It has been magical to be on the receiving end, to know how much I am loved is a powerful thing. Thank you Sharon for being the vessel that brings forth the healing to us. I am grateful the universe aligned our connection. I look forward to another session. I highly recommend those needing healing, needing to release trauma or hurt, wanting to connect to love ones or your higher self, it will change your life, in ways you never thought possible."

Scottsdale, AZ

Member Program Healing Library

"I'm amazed at how quickly the library tracks work, it's instant relief and I use it everyday."

Angelena R.
Business Owner/Mother 


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