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The Art of Dowsing

What is Dowsing?

Here at Entelechy Visions we use the art of dowsing in our healing services to support each session. I have been a professional dowser for about nine years. You may be wondering what dowsing even is? It is the art of using a pendulum to gather information or use for healing purposes. There are many tools one can work with to use in their advancement as a practitioner of healing arts or on their own journey to wholeness.

One of these tools is the Pendulum. Dowsing has existed for thousands of years and dates back to records of existing dowsing methods found in rock murals from 8000 years ago. Dowsing is a way to access another perspective of information that may not be available to the naked eye. It works best with "Yes" or "No" questions. Another method of dowsing is used in kinesiology or "muscle dowsing", however, that is a tool in and of itself. You may have heard of stories of people using "Dowsing Rods" to find water or treasure. There is an intelligence to this practice that has been acknowledged for accuracy and ease.

How to Use a Pendulum

Learning to use the pendulum is a subtle practice, as every new modality takes time to become accustomed to, practice allows you to feel more comfortable with the nature of the tool.

There is a natural rhythm to the body as our blood pumps through our physical being and the rhythm of our heart echoes the rhythm of the universe. This natural rhythm mimics the swinging of the pendulum, the back and forth, in and out motion of the pendulum, resembles the flow of all life.

As you begin to practice and become comfortable with the swing of the pendulum, there is an upkeep of this rhythm that you create with the existing rhythm in your body.

To allow accuracy with this tool, you must keep the rhythm of the pendulum moving. It is a fine balance between effort and allowing.

As you become adjusted to this flow and more familiar with the tool over time, you can begin to ask questions.

As there is a higher intelligence to your physical body, your own consciousness and the intelligence of the universe, the answers you receive in your questions are tapping into this higher intelligence on all levels.

Everything is energy and as you open yourself up to this higher intelligence with intention and focus, you begin to receive information and guidance.

To begin, ask out loud as you are swinging your pendulum, "Show me Yes" and "Show me No". You will notice the pendulum beginning to swing in one direction for each question. You can even ask it a question that you know is a "Yes" answer. ex. "My name is...." etc. and vice versa for a "No" answer.

This will give you a solid indication of the way the pendulum swings to show a "Yes" and "No" answer.

Generally, I have found that a slight or sharp swing to the right is typically a "Yes" answer. A slight or sharp swing to the left is a "No" answer.

This also goes along with the nature of the universe as forward movement is generally clockwise and backward movement is counterclockwise, especially when referring to time.

In some instances, the swing may be subtle and other times it may be a very sharp 90 degree angle. The subtlety of this can depend on varying factors, such as your consciousness, the clarity of your energy, the question asked, etc.

Make sure not to force the pendulum, for it is a fine dance of allowing and receiving.

If you find you are unable to receive an accurate answer, you can ask if there is something blocking you from receiving clarity. Healing work may be needed for yourself or an intention could be stated to clear your own field. A simple statement of calling upon your higher self and guides, asking to clear whatever is blocking you from receiving an accurate answer will assist this process.


There are many different pendulums that you can use and you can choose the one that feels best for you or your practice.

My practice has been centralized around using pendulums specific brass pendulums called Egyptian Therapeutic Pendulums, known for their sacred geometric patterns that amplify the energy and function of the pendulum. I use different Pendulums for each session based upon the needs of the individual or whether it is a Remote session. They are also self clearing, meaning they don't accumulate energies during healing sessions and do not need to be cleared regularly. These pendulums can be found on

Using the Pendulum for Your Own Path

Once you become more confident with using the pendulum as a tool. You can begin to use it for more advanced questions.

It can become a tool in your own personal life or you can use it for your own healing purposes. It can be a great oracle and guide to navigate your path.

In my own healing practice, I use a pendulum on clients during Intuitive Healing Sessions through the modality of Violet Alchemy Healing The pendulum is a strong basis of the work and supports in identifying blockages and energies for clients as well as cleansing and healing through the art of dowsing.

Ultimately the practitioner is the tool and the pendulum merely becomes an extension of that tool. The consciousness of the practitioner acts as a conduit to offer access to information through the pendulum.

However, we are never separate from any tool or practice we use for it is one in the same.

This is a sacred art and shall be treated as so, it's important to use dowsing in a healthy and conscious manner, to inquire about information that is only for our highest good and the highest good of anyone involved.

If you have been curious to begin working with a pendulum for your own path, begin with some of the steps listed above, give yourself time to become acquainted to it as it does take practice, but you will find that it can be a very powerful and extremely informative tool to add to your own path.

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