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How to Revive Your Vibrancy as the Season Changes

To say we have been through a lot collectively is putting it lightly. We may not view this planetary experience as a trauma but it has affected us on all levels of our lives.

A trauma is taxing on our systems because it requires a sense of alterness and awareness on an emotional and mental level, as well as a physiological response that can exhaust our bodies over time.

It is good to be truthful with what we've been experiencing, so that we can move toward the support and upliftment we need personally to regain a sense of vitality once again.

Somtimes we can become laxed in our self care, especiallly if a trauma, challenge or discomfort can go on for a long time. We can become exhausted by it and self care can ironically be the first thing to fall to the wayside. However, the seasons are about to shift and we are feeling this within as our symbiotic connection to nature. We are nature, ultimately, and so our entire state moves with the rhythms of the earth. As nature readies itself to revive and bloom once again, we too are feeling this stirring within.

This is a wonderful time to take stock of what may be feeling stagnant within you, or areas of your life that feel less than shiny due to what we've all been moving through.

I wanted to share some wonderful tips you can apply to your own life that you may feel called to add to your daily routines or as considerations to make shifts toward your own wellbeing.

The Body/ Mind/ Spirit Connection to Your Own Personal Space

When our living space is messy or chaotic, this can reflect on our own state. A messy home can send us subconscious messages of anxiety, messes can symbolize what still needs to get done and can cause overwhelm.

We know that life may not have been the easiest to keep up with over this past year and our quarantine homes may be feeling it! However, maybe carve out some time for yourself or ask family/ or others in your household to help, to tidy up and do some spring cleaning. You can separate the rooms over time, do one part each weekend etc. Watch how your wellbeing and those in your household respond. Less clutter in your home, immediately reflects on your peace of mind. Our space is a reflection of those who live within it.

Spring Cleanse

As we move toward the changing of seasons, our dietary needs can shift. It is best to eat with the seasons, as our bodies need a different type of nourishing. It is no longer about warming/or heavier foods for the winter but more about lighter foods, green vegetables, fruits, salads for the spring.

If you feel called, you may want to do a cleanse for your digestive system, a juice cleanse, kitchari cleanse (ayurvedic mung bean dish), or a smoothie cleanse, helping to reset your digestive system. Our brain and gut are deeply connected and when our digestion is operating well, this reflects in our mind/ emotions/ energy level and so much more!

Novelty As Inspiration

With our lives so deeply shifted over this past year, we may have felt like we've been on autopilot, living in a monotonous way and becoming stagnant. We thrive as human beings on inspiration, novelty, and experiencing the new. When we are inspired, this ignites a dopamine response in our system, the feel good chemicals of the brain, and we feel uplifted! As we turn the corner toward spring, where can you bring back a sense of novelty in your life, while also staying safe in these times? Maybe it is finding a unique way to do a new activity outdoors, travel to a new local spot safely or a new outdoor spot or take up a new hobby that brings you joy, even if it's done at home.

Flower Essences

I often turn to flower Essences in my practice as an aid of support in sessions. Flower essences are

subtle remedies derived from the essence of different flowers. They are not the actual plant, so no side effects can occur. They work directly on the subtle energy body and offer support on an emotional and energetic level. They are extremely helpful to give a boost where we need it. A remedy that has been

wonderful for these times is the Flower Essence Mustard, inspiring a return to joy. This can be found online or at a local health food store, I recommend Bach's Flower Essences or Lotuswei (local to Arizona). Their similar version to this is called Joy Juice but is not as budget minded as Bach's.

Hopefully these few tips can support you as we move toward Spring!

The energy is due to pick up pace even more as we get closer to the Spring Equinox and later into the month. Use this first part of the month to heal, revitalize and ready yourself for more forward movement ahead.

If you need additional support for your personal situation, feel free to learn more about our services on our site!


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