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Feeling Sad + Tired In These Times

We all know we are living through some powerful times on the planet and navigating our regular daily lives adds an extra weight with the backdrop of the power of events and global issues. Our nervous systems are being bombarded much more these days than even a decade ago. With the influx and evolution of technology advancements and social media being an influencial part of our daily lives, there isn't much space without noise or stimulation these days.

It becomes even more necessary for us as individuals to make time to carve out stillness for ourselves regularly. However, it can be easier said than done especially if you are someone who lives in a big city and surrounded by even more stimulation on a regular basis.

Working with clients, I often hear a strong theme that runs through many sessions, of being sad and also exhausted lately. Of course, each person has their own situations that contribute to that, but let's look at the common thread that runs through all of our lives.

Our Nervous Systems

With prolonged stress on our nervous systems and the impact of navigating stressful experiences in our lives or in the world, our adrenal glands can become taxed overtime. Our adrenals support us by pumping out cortisol and adrenaline into our systems to protect us and get us through stressful situations. If we are constantly living in a state of fight of flight response, or sympathetic nervous system repose, then our bodies are always on guard and becoming depleted by this hyperstimulated state.

This can lead to exhaustion overtime.

This is why it is so necessary to find ways to regulate your nervous system. A dysregulated nervous system, can show up as affecting our mood, our energy levels, influencing anxiety, nervousness, and overall wellbeing.

Emotional/Mental Influences

Now let's look at the emotional component to living in these times.

If there is much stimulation occurring in our lives, and much to tend to in addition to our regular daily routines, it can become more challenging to have energy for the things that light you up. You may find that at the end of the day, you are more prone to wanting to tune out, scroll through your phone, watch tv or just lay down. When we aren't experiencing things that light us up, this can take a toll over time, and we may feel zapped of joy, novelty and inspiration.

Who are you spending your time around?

It's also important to address your connections in life, whether you feel supported and have balance in your relationships. If there is someone toxic in your life, this can play a large role in your emotional and mental state.

Energetic Influences

Your heart's energy field may feel depleted and you aren't feeling empowered, especially if you aren't experiencing things in your life that light you up. Your heart is a great transmitter of light in your energy field and also greatly influences your mood. When your heart's energy is empowered, this will activate your spirit and transmit light to the rest of your energy field, allowing you to feel more energized, joyful and empowered.

Another energy influence of feeling sad and tired in these times is your energetic hygiene.

Lower energies influence your energy field significantly and we can pick these up from other people and places. (see previous blog for more about this and ways to clear them!)

There is nothing to fear with these but they do impact mental health and drain light from your field.

Tending to a consistent self care routine can help to keep your energy field strong and you are less likely to take these energies on.

Solar Activity

We are currently in the 25th Solar Maximum Cycle this year, which means that the sun is increasing its activity on a regular basis. Solar storms impact the electromagnetic field of the planet and in turn your own energy fields and bodies. This can influence a variety of symptoms, aka ascension symptoms, that take place in our bodies during heightened solar activity. These periods can influence your mood and energy levels as it requires more of your physical energy to process the new light coming into your energy field. Old energy can also release as well and cause temporary emotional purges or feeling low. (we support with updates about these and how to navigate them in our Member Program)

If you find you are feeling sad and tired in these times, here are some tips to support. Approach it in multiple ways, depending on what you need presently.


When we tend to our bodies needs, our mind and emotions will follow the mirror of how our body feels.

If you are feeling tired, more exercise may be needed to add to your routines to boost your mood and your energy levels. When you move your body you not only increase your neurotransmitters that elevate mood, but you help move stagnant energy in your energy field. Your mind can become calmer after exercising.

If you are one who has adrenal issues, try incorporating more yin, slow exercising into your routines.

Slow yin yoga or gentle stretches combined with other days of a brisk walk to also aid your body.

It's always helpful to understand your cortisol levels and vitamin d levels by getting them checked periodically. Both can influence energy levels and mood.

What are you putting into your body?

Are you eating healthy, too much sugar, drinking too much caffeine or alcohol? These all play a part in your mood and energy.

Caffeine can further tax adrenals and alcohol lowers your mood and energy field quality. Use moderation or consider healthier choices.

Emotionally and Mentally

What are your habits?

Are you spending a lot of time on a screen, isolating, do you have social connections or feel supported by others? If you don't have that, it's okay, you can start new habits. Begin breaking out of your comfort zone, when you're having a good day. Join a group, go to an event, try things that inspire you.

Having a hobby or creative outlet is a big piece of lifting and elevating joy. It is also very therapeutic. If you're feeling tired and sad, it can be helpful to address changes in these areas.

An important influence is also if you have personally moved through a trauma, crisis or loss of some sort and how deeply that impacts energy levels and mood.


Are you feeling stagnant or low in your energy field? A good way to know this is if you are in a consistent state of sadness and low mood. It may be time to seek out support, you can turn to modalities that you resonate with to begin to move energy in your energy field. acupuncture, chiropractic, energy healing, massage. Your energy field may need a boost to bring back some flow and clarity.

These times are not easy on the planet and tending to your needs will change and evolve as you are evolving. If you are experiencing prolonged tiredness and sadness and the above resources aren't shifting anything, please seek out professional support.

If you are in a mental health crisis, please call crisis hotline 988 to be connected to immediate assistance.

For additional support, private sessions help to address all areas with cleansing and tips for your personal situation.


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