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How to Tell the Difference Between Your Intuition and Your Own Thoughts

Navigating life as a human can be so messy and uncertain at times. Finding a balance between our own sense of trust, logistical mind, our spirit and the miraculous solutions that life and the universe provides is a daily dance. We make hundreds, if not thousands of choices every day, from very minute to significant decisions.

Our mental chatter can be so loud as we navigate this ongoing experience of deciphering each decision in our lives.

With the decision making process, we are also faced with the fears, beliefs and patterns we have developed that can play a significant part in shaping each decision. Our ego plays a big role in our personality selves to keep us safe with every move we make. It is deeply connected to our mental process and can be so loud when we are simply trying to hear our intuitive wise self. Our ego is based around survival and protection, so decisions that involve leaping out of a comfort zone will definitely rile the ego and can cause your mental chatter to feel larger than life.

However, above all of the choppy seas of the mind and the interplay of the frenzy of the ego and our life decisions, we have our intuitive self. Intuition is connected to your higher self, your soul, your expanded consciousness. Your higher self lies about a foot above your head, it is a very real part of your soul and energy field. It is your Divine Presence, your higher consciousness state. It sees all for your life path, it knows what is best for you and it is part of you. However it is free of personality, ego, the fears, patterns, beliefs etc that have shaped your experience in this life or other lifetimes.

Our intuition is connected more to our heart space.

When you have that feeling inside of you from a first impression, that is your intuition speaking to you loud and clear. It is also deeply connected to your emotions.

Your intuitive self is always speaking to you through the language of your emotional body, what you feel is a key sign of what your spirit/higher self is trying to share with you. It is a different way of listening and tuning into your experience in relation to the world around you and decision making. But it is one of the most powerful ways to navigate your path, that will be in highest alignment for your soul and your personality self in this life.

There are no wrong decisions, simply lessons. However, your higher self is speaking to you through your intuition to lead you toward the highest path that is meant for you and your soul's growth. At times we don't listen or we are overcome by fears, the mind, pattens, etc. We can take another road away from the highest path. It doesn't mean it's a wrong decision, it simply means a round about way to learn a soul lesson that is eventually nudging you back to the highest aligned path. So you can't go wrong! However, tuning into the advice of your intuition and soul can make things much easier.

When navigating a decision, your mind will have many opinions. It's up to you to carve out time to go within and sit with yourself. Maybe it is in quiet meditation, maybe it is walking outside, journaling or doing something creative. Tune into yourself and witness what's taking place, let your mind and your nervous system soften.

It may take some time if it's been in overdrive with analyzing a decision. This is a space to give it a break and tune into your feelings instead. Drop into your heart, breathe into this space, what are you feeling around this decision. Listen to the wisdom of your emotions, maybe insight begins to emerge for you?

Your higher self may share a message with you, now that you've given it space to step forward more.

Your higher self will speak to you without fear, without judgment, without drama or worst case scenarios. It will speak to you with wisdom, with clear direct and elevated awareness. This is how you can know the difference. Let your emotions be like a river that leads you to the ocean of your intuitive self.

To begin to strengthen this connection, it's important to consistently spend time daily calming the mind and nervous system while also elevating and cleansing your energy field. Whatever ways you are called to do that, some helpful avenues are meditation, exercise, yoga nidra, sound healing, healing modalities and stress relieving activities. When we are stressed, obsessing over a decision or running on auto pilot, the mind will come along for the ride and dominate the show. It's up to you to clear the path by tending to your body and nervous system so the mind calms and your energy field becomes clearer and lighter. This will allow more space for your emotions and intuitive self to be heard in the soft but wise language that is imparting to you from your soul.


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