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Emotional Origins of Physical Illness

Our culture is very focused on physical approaches to healing our bodies. But the physical layer is actually the last layer for imbalances to show up in our energy body. So much much more has already been taking place before it shows up physically. Our physical bodies are the densest layer of our energy field, so it takes time for physical ailments to manifest into the physical. With emotional, mental, energetic influences occurring first, in most cases it can build for years in the emotional and mental layer of the energy field before any physical symptoms show up.

The physical body is made up of energy. When we preventively address the other layers, we support the overall health of the physical body. This is an inside out approach to health, but a perspective that is needed in our healthcare, as everything is connected within us. Of course there are instances of injury, susceptibility, genetic predispositions and specific issues related to each individual person, their upbringing and experiences.

But it is the subtle layers of our existence, the energetic influences that shape our entire physical reality. We are all moving around our daily lives functioning with these really profound and intricate energetic systems. We are so much more than our physical bodies. Understanding our energetic system is a powerful perspective to have especially in these times on the planet. Our energy system shapes our emotions, our mind, our relationships, what we are triggered by, our life path, our entire well being and our physical health. Yet our world is often so focused on the physical and less on these subtle layers because they aren’t visible. Our energy system shapes literally EVERYTHING in our lives. Why wouldn’t we want to understand it more?

Looking at a few parts of the body as examples, we can consider the location of the physical heart. This area is associated with our heart chakra and also includes the lungs and arms within the influence of the heart chakra's energy. It is common for much emotion to gather here, as we process so much within our hearts.

Anxiety, sadness, grief, depression, loss but also joy, happiness, contentment, self love and acceptance.

Working with clients, I often see many who have a hard time expressing emotion will have a block in the back of the heart chakra around the shoulder blades, related to sadness unexpressed or anger that has been supressed. Often those who have not fully dealt with their grief can develop conditions in the lungs or heart. Everyone is different and each circumstance is specific and unique to each individual. Another example, you could also consider the healthcare label of "congested heart failure", congested is simply a word that means that too much fluid has built up in this area. Fluid is water, and water is emotion. Emotion has built up around that person's heart without a healthy outlet for it. These are some of the ways we can view common health issues and how it relates to our energy body and emotions.

I created a space for this deeper dive into the many layers of the energy field. Chakras in Depth, Understanding the Psychology of the Chakra System looks at the energetic system more intricately and how this relates to your life, your emotions, your mind, your relationships, your life path and physical health.

This two part digital course series looks at the Lower Chakras in the human energy field in part 1 and the Upper Chakras to follow in part 2.

  • Common Blocks found in each area and what a healthy aligned chakra looks like for each one

  • Many lesser known chakras discussed

  • Touching on the pillar of energy in our field, grounding cords, the planetary grid system related to our energy body

  • Bodily systems and organs related to each chakra

  • Common physical ailments related to them

  • Tips for home practices to keep these areas open

  • Find link for Part 1 in the series course here. Available as a digital download.

  • Part 2 of Understanding the Psychology of the Upper Chakras available to Members in our Members Program, free 7 Day Trial here to view it.


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