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How Lower Energies Impact Mental Health

Life can be such a roller coaster and managing our mental health in the face of life's demands is often not something that is commonly or openly discussed in our society. However, we all have this relationship to our own inner world and navigating our mental health. In fact, our mental health is just as equally important as our physical health, because the two influence one another. We also live in a culture that often stuffs down emotion in order to keep on with our daily lives and at times fake a smile on the tough days. So it's important to bring it out into the open and acknowledge the necessity of bringing awareness to our mental health.

There are many influences that can impact our mental health, the powerful times on our planet, our life circumstances, relationships, our upbringing, traumas, and loss. It can also be influenced by genetics or even physical issues of chemical imbalances or conditions.

However a very large influence to our mental health is what is taking place in our energy field.

We can often hear people talk about how they don't want to take on negative energies from other people or out in the world. However, the word "negative" is simply a label we attach to something when it doesn't feel good. There are truly no right or wrong energies, there are just energies that exist. There are different vibrations of energy, we can look at it from a physics standpoint and see that lower vibrating energies or "negative energies, literally vibrate at a slower rate. Higher vibrating energies such as joy, bliss, happiness, etc. are vibrating much higher in wavelength. So when we look at it from this perspective, there are no energies that exist that don't have their purpose in the grand scheme of the universe. They are meant to exist, as contrast can inspire growth, just as the sun balances the rain.

How Do Lower Energies Attach to Our Energy Field?

When we are holding a vibrational match to an energy, it creates a magnet of attraction to our energy field.

If we are feeling low, sad, angry or have subconscious blocks that match the vibration of a lower energy, then it is easier for a lower energy to attach to those areas. Like attracts like.

Lower vibrating energies can't harm you, there isn't anything to fear with them, however, they can drain your light, causing you to feel lower in your mood, cause heightened mental chatter, fatigue or many different types of influences. If someone has a lot of these attachments in their energy field, they may be operating under the influence of these energies and it can more challenging to feel elevated, calm, lighter, and more like themselves.

There are different densities of lower energies, some can exaggerate something that already exists in your energy field or your body, such as increased mental chatter, or feeling more depressed or an old injury flaring up. Other energies can be rather heavy, they can create a blanket of lower energy influence in the field, especially if someone is already deeply depressed. I've often seen energies like this show up in sessions as foggy blankets of energy over someone's head. There are also energies that exist, I often refer to them as active adverse energies in the field. This occurs when you've experienced a recent lower emotional response, had an argument, or you're moving through something that you just can't seem to shake. It is because these energies are cycling through the energy field, creating a very active energetic quality of their influence.

How to Prevent Taking On These Energies

Energetic hygiene is key to create more light expansion in your energy field. Having routine self care practices is necessary, if not crucial, in these powerful times on the planet. When you empower yourself by having self care routines, you are contributing to the quality of your energy field, your mental health and your entire wellbeing. When you expand the light in your energy field, you become less of a magnet for these energies and more of a forcefield of protection against them.

So instead of constantly using protection tools around others to keep you from taking on their energy, you become an embodiment of your own strong vibration. Lower energies around you will then bounce off your field because there won't be an energetic match in your energy field.

What Are Routine Self Care Practices?

Practices will differ for each person depending on your needs. However, it is important to run your energy daily, this means moving your energy through your energy field, to cleanse it and also strengthen it.

This can be done through meditation, sitting meditation or guided, whatever you feel drawn to. This is a very powerful practice to have that strengthens the energy field enormously.

Moving your body through exercise, depending on your body's needs that day, you may be drawn to a yang practice, such as cardio or power yoga, or a yin practice of slow walking, stretching or yin yoga. Movement also holds another benefit to mental health in that it is a natural mood booster, it elevates the feel good neurotransmitters in the brain.

Spending time outside, nature holds the quality of naturally occurring negative ions, these ions found in nature boost your mood. Making sure you are getting enough sunshine to boost your Vitamin D.

Vitamin D plays a big role in our mood and most people are deficient in it.

(It is helpful to get this regularly checked with blood work at your doctor to check your levels.)

Being mindful of what you feed yourself in all ways, through nourishment, sleep patterns, technology, entertainment, relationships and work.

Being aware of your internal dialogue and how you speak to yourself brings mindfulness to what you are creating with your thoughts and emotions as active energies in your field.

Bringing awareness to anything you haven't dealt with, such as grief, trauma, challenge, stress, or any emotional difficulty. While also being mindful of how you handle stress and self soothe.

Other areas to be aware of are how you express your creativity, bringing practices of joy in to your life. Community and friendships. Turning to professional help when needed to support you in moving any blocked energies through healing modalities or therapy.

When we play an active role in taking care of energy field, we can feel more empowered and less likely to take on energies from others or in the world that can influence our mental health.

For more personalized support for mental health and lower energy attachments, we offer this in our Intuitive Healing sessions Remotely or In Person in Scottsdale, Arizona.


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