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Anxiety and the Energy Field

We are living in powerful times there is no doubt about that. Navigating daily life and stressors can really take a toll on our bodies, our minds, our emotions and our energy field.

If you are a more sensitive soul, this increases the impact on your delicate system, because life holds an enormous amount of stimulation and influence on our nervous systems.

As a sensitive person, your nervous system is wired much more differently and therefore your need for quality downtime and completely unplugging from stimulation at the end of your day is more imperative than it is for others. It is your time to recalibrate away from the energies and the influx of information and stimulants of the outer world.

I've seen many in my practice who are sensitive souls who also hold the quality of having increased anxiety.

Why does this pairing seem to go hand in hand?

If you are a sensitive soul, considering that your nervous system is different, your capacity to take in the world is also much more elevated. You may feel things much more deeply, observe every nuance, detail, emotion and energy around you. It's almost as if the world is in technicolor and extremely amplified. With this heightened nervous system, the energy running through your entire body is also amplified. Your intricate energetic makeup also allows for more energy in your energy field and body.

Therefore it is easy to feel an accumulation of energy in your system at times when your nervous system is overstimulated. It is very common for a sensitive soul to become overstimulated, so anxiety can be a a natural byproduct. I've often found in client sessions, that when there is overstimulation, the mind and emotions come along for the ride and as a result there can be an energetic backlog in the energy field and physical body.

A pattern I often see in sessions is how anxiety accumulates around the upper parts of the energy field, usually around the heart space and head. It can influence other areas as well, but common areas are within the chest and head area.

This pattern of anxiety accumulating in the upper parts of the energy field can cause an imbalance of the energy not being fully distributed to the lower half. Often times this pattern will be accompanied with blocked lower chakras, due to subconscious fears of grounding that are present or feeling unsafe in some way. It can be helpful to address these blocks.

Helpful Tips to Support Anxiety

  • To feel more grounded and to balance the energy to the lower half of your field are by rooting your energy into the planet by envisioning your grounding cord from the base of your spine, planting into the earth.

  • Another tip is doing grounding calming activities, praam breathing techniques such as Three Part Breath or Ujayi Ocean Breath or Alternate Nostril Breathing, moving your body, creative outlets and being in nature. If you are a more sensitive soul, sometimes completely disconnecting and being quiet in your own space, doing meditation or taking a sea salt bath can recharge your sensitive system.

  • To help to balance your vagus nerve that is responsible for your nervous system fight or flight response, this is another helpful tip that can easily be done while you are around others or feeling anxious in any setting. Our vagus nerve is the longest nerve in our body and wraps in through and around all of our organs. It originates at the base of the skull.

  • By placing your fingers on the two points at the base of your skull on both sides of your spine, applying some gentle pressure and massaging, this calms your vagus nerve, cueing to your nervous system to rest and digest. It is an easy practice to feel safe and more centered.

When your nervous system is calm, you can feel more at ease and safe in your body. In turn your anxiety levels can balance, softening the impact of overstimulation on your sensitive system.

For more tips to support anxiety, sensitivity levels and the understanding of the human energy field, find us on Instagram @entelechyvisions or sign up for our newsletter here on our site, where we share many regular tools for your path on a monthly basis.


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