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Ways to Center and Calm Yourself In These Powerful Times

We are living in some powerful times and 2024 is already facing up to be a very transformative year.

It is and will be necessary to create regular practices for yourself to find your center and calm especially if much is taking place in your life.

Here are several tips that you can turn to when you're needing that quick reset if you have felt thrown off by a stiuation in your life, if you're feeling overstimulated, or extra emotional and sensitive.

Calming Breath

  • Breathe in for a count of 8

  • Hold your inhalation for a count of 4

  • Breathe out fully for a count of 8

  • Hold your out breath for a count of 4

  • Repeat as needed.

You'll notice a calming and grounding effect from this breath and it can be used anywhere. This is great to do before bed at night or as you go about your day for stress relief. Practice daily for greater benefits.

Easy Practice to Feel Grounded

Best done before leaving the house, so you can connect in your own energy and space.

*Close your eyes and focus on the base of your body (around your perineum)

  • Envision a white cord of light stemming from your base into the planet

  • Hold the vision until it feels real for you, sending it or seeing it with your inner eye. If that part is tricky, say out loud "I now connect to my grounding cord and connect it fully to the planet"

  • Now imagine it wrapping three times around the core of the earth.

  • You can even add "By the power of my I am presence I am now 100% etherically present and connected to the earth plane"

Quick Practice to Reset Your Nervous System

  • *Breathe in deeply and slowly, pulling your breath down into your belly, expanding your abdomen.

  • *Now purse your lips, exhaling fully through your pursed lips, feeling your energy begin to. Aim to extend the exhale longer than the inhale.

  • *Repeat this 5-10 times as needed, allowing your nervous system to soften and feel safe.

We offer more personalized practices and tips for your individual needs and situation in remote personal sessions. Learn more about our services through out our site.


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