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Do You Know About the Chakra On the Back of Your Neck?

Our human energy field is so beautiful and complex, made up of an intricate network of meridians, points, layers, lines, chakras and so much more. If we could see our energy field with our physical eyes (some people can!) we would see this magnificent layered creation of our energetic systems that we are simply walking around with and functioning within daily.

The chakra system is a main component to our energy system and this runs along the spine within our pillar of light of our energy field. This governs the energetic wellbeing of light within our entire energy body.

It is most common to hear about the seven main chakras but there are many more chakras that aren't as often discussed that play a key part in our human energy field.

In this article, I'll be sharing about the lesser known chakra that lies on the back of your neck at the base of your skull. This particular chakra is different from the throat chakra. Chakras do have a front and a back component to them , so the back of the throat chakra lies below the neck chakra.

The neck chakra is called the Zeal Point chakra, often referred to as the Mouth of God. This area is where much light enters your energy field, especially when we have a lot of solar activity. This chakra is directly connected to your nervous system, your vagus nerve and gut brain connection. It is also connected to the part of the brain , the medulla oblongonta that connects to your fight or flight response or sympathetic nervous system response. This is the response of your nervous system that sends the hormone cortisol through your system, shifting breathing, heart rate and circulation, where there is a perceived threat or stressor.

If you've experienced prolonged stress or trauma, this area can be impacted due to the nervous system effects and residual energy that collects here, it can be common to have an achy neck due to this.

This area also relates to how we feel supported and connected to others or whether we're feeling isolated or threatened in some way.

Clear + Aligned Neck Chakra

When this energy center is open and clear we will feel more relaxed and safe, because it cues to our parasympathetic nervous system to turn on and promote relaxation in our body. There are many impacts of stress and trauma, but this part of the energy field holds a significance of how it influences your overall well-being in relation to stress.

Working with and releasing blocks related to trauma, prolonged stress, perceived or related threats whether they have been physical, mental or emotional can support in stabilizing this area. We support with this in personal healing sessions in our practice.

If you're interested to dive deeper into the understanding of the psychology of the human energy field and in particular the chakra system and many more less commonly known chakras, we now have an online course available based on this topic. Find Chakras In Depth Part 1- Understanding the Lower Chakras available here


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