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What Is Light Language & How Can it Help You?

One of the many aspects unique to this healing practice is the use of light language in healing sessions

I often refer to light language as the universal language of the soul, a language that comes directly from the soul and source/the divine/universe. We all have the ability to access this, it is the energy and communication of our soul, our higher self. It can become activated based upon a deep connection that we develop with our higher self. Our higher self is our expanded soul self, it is the highest aspect of our consciousness and knows all for our path, it truly is our true self.

Light language can be spoken, sung, written or even gestured and all forms of it help to shift energy on a quantum cellular level. I primarily use the form of spoken light language in my practice, it is what has felt the most natural to me and what I was introduced to along my path. Light language works on a deep level in the energy field, cells and DNA structures to reorganize the energy field and body to shift imbalances and ultimately to ripple out into your physical reality and life experiences. It works on an energetic level to move imbalances and blocks in the energy field and release them, working mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, it acts as its own clearing tool.

When hearing light language, this universal language bypasses the brain and speaks directly to your heart, your entire energy field and soul, it is an energetic conversation that occurs in your energy field and doesn't need to be deciphered by the mind. In fact, when hearing it, allow yourself to move into your heart and feel what the experience is showing you, this will connect you to your own soul, higher self and the codes of light that are being transmitted to shift your energy field and body for specific intentions.

When I work with someone in a session, they are their own healer. Whatever they are ready to look at, shift or bring to the surface is what is shown in the session, it becomes the most active in their energy field. This gives them the power to govern their own path and healing. Oftentimes someone will come to me without a specific intention for a session and simply prefers to open up the space for their own balancing and wellbeing. In those cases, we turn to their higher self guidance and what is needed for their highest good. Each session is supported and guided by their higher self, guides and entire healing team that is orchestrating each part of the journey. The light language that comes in is unique and personal for each individual based upon their needs and what is being transmitted to support in shifting the energy.

How Light Language Became Part of this Practice

I'll share more with you about how this unique language activated on my path to put it all into perspective as I often have been asked how I started speaking this and using it in my practice.

When I was early on in my healing journey around 2007, learning from many teachers and mentors, I met one of my mentors, Dr. Trish Baitinger, who had a profound impact on my path and my understanding of energetic health and the human body. She taught me how energetic imbalances relate to the physical body within ailments and misalignments in the skeletal system and a deeper understanding of the intricacies of our energy fields. She practices Chiropractic Energetics, she is trained as a Doctor of Chirorpractic but is also an Intuitive and Channel.

During her sessions with patients, she would speak this strange language. This was the first time I heard this language and it felt so beautiful to my ears, natural and nostalgic. It was as though I was hearing something that I knew on some level but couldn't consciously place in my mind. When I asked her what this was, she referred to it as "Soul Speak". It wasn't until much later in my path that I realized this was light language.

I also met another teacher, Dona Ho Lightsey, the founder of Violet Alchemy Healing, she eventually taught me this modality that my healing practice has evolved around. She also spoke light language but used this much more fluidly and strongly in her healing work and teachings.

After learning from her for many years, I eventually committed to a year long training in this healing modality. During the training I built a profound relationship to this beautiful language and I found myself craving to want to speak it. However, it felt like there was a block and I couldn't hear it or use it in anyway yet.

It wasn't until after my training I became part of an advanced study group of women to further our exploration of the healing path. We met multiple times a month and the journeys we would explore together in this work were profound and eye opening, yet my light language had still not become accessible to me.

Months later while continuing to be part of this mystery school, I began working for a retreat center in the Hudson Valley called CoSM. As Hospitality Manger and Event Coordinator, I programmed the events at the center and also brought many performers and teachers there from all parts of the world.

I had been in touch with an old friend, a profound sound healer and shaman, Rafael Bejarano. Rafael traveled all over the world performing for thousands and conducted retreats regularly in other countries. To be in his presence was a gift, he truly was a special soul. He was trained in aboriginal sound healing and had a magical way of performing the digeridoo and other sound healing instruments that was otherworldly and a gift. I invited Rafael to perform at one of these events at the center. When he arrived, he was preparing to teach a workshop for guests before the nighttime performance. He pulled me aside and offered to do a special sound healing for me on the porch of our office.

I agreed and was joyed at this gift he was offering, I sat down in a chair on the porch. He then brought the beautiful large didgeridoo to my heart and began to play powerful bursts of music and air directly into my heart. He had an amazing way of incorporating heart beat rhythms and animal noises into his didgeridoo playing. I could feel my heart softening and melting in ways that felt much needed and expansive.

He then picked up another instrument called the ocarina, he had handmade this clay flute, that looked alien with a face carved into it and also unbelievably beautiful. It had multiple chambers in it, so when it was played it created harmonies. (See in video below)

He played this about a few inches from my face and third eye. In this moment it felt like something blasted open within me, like a switch turned on. I could feel light and energy shoot up my spine and out my third eye and out my crown, like something had been unlocked.

I felt disoriented after this and it took me some time to feel grounded again.

I don't know if it was a combination of my training that I had just moved through, the practices in the mystery school I was in, or the offering of the didgeridoo and the ocarina with Rafael's gifts that opened this up, but something changed that day.

I remember the day after, I drove to my group meeting in my car by myself and a flood of light language was pouring through my mind, I had to let it out and speak it into my empty car. I didn't care who saw me on the road, I was ecstatic that it had turned on and immensely grateful to Rafael for being the catalyst!

Since that day, my light language practice has evolved and become incorporated fully into my practice. I love working with it as it evolves and shifts over time. It also takes on different tones and volumes based on what is coming up to be released and the different guides I work with in sessions. It has completely changed my life and my practice and I can't imagine my life without it now.

More recently, it has taken on new levels of bringing in activations and openings to take clients to new levels. I'm excited to see where it goes and how it continues to evolve!

Using Light Language for Your Own Path

If you're interested in exploring light language for yourself, the opening of the ability to speak light language does not have to be a dramatic experience, it can be an organic unfolding as you connect more with your higher self. I'll share several home practice tips that can begin your journey of expanding the light in your energy field to support in strengthening your connection to your higher self.

*The number one practice to tune into your higher self is the practice of regular meditation, this expands the light in your energy field as you connect to your expanded consciousness through a meditative state. Many of my teachers always emphasized this as a key point in increasing light in your energy field. In turn this opens up that connection more strongly to your higher self.

*Combining this with the journey of self awareness, knowing all that makes you tick, your history, your patterns, your beliefs, your blocks, etc, and the willingness to uncover and shift whatever may be blocking your true self, is the key to beginning this process. We all hold many layers that may be blocking the elevation of light in our energy fields and its important to dive into these to understand what they are, begin understanding your patterns and history so ultimately you become a clearer conduit to strengthen this connection. Water flows more quickly through a clean pipe, it is the same with the channels of our energy field, when we are much clearer, we can embody more light and our higher self connection deepens.

Light Language Tools in Our Practice

All of our services use light language to help to shift, release and also activate. Our new library of healing tools in our member program, includes an entire library of light language tracks to support various themes and quick energy resets for your path. Learn more here.

If you are interested in a more advanced journey of wanting to use this tool of expression and healing to share in your own path and begin to activate this within you, we can support this journey in our personal sessions or for a more intensive experience, find our Mentorship Program, a 12 week program.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this support for your own journey!


Rafael Bejarano at CoSM 2012

An Added Note

In 2015 Rafael Bejarano unexpectedly left this earth plane. I was deeply impacted by his passing, he was a dear friend and a true light in this world, he was only in his early thirties.

While on retreat in Egypt, his group was mistaken for terrorists and the Egyptian government targeted them mistakenly. I found it profound that he left this world in Egypt. I sometimes feel him visit and still listen to his beautiful music to this day.


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