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Are Your Intuitive Gifts Waking?

Have you noticed that certain abilities within you are coming online or are becoming even more sensitive than they have been? You may be experiencing your innate intuitive abilities strengthening, that's amazing! You are tuning in even more to your natural gifts. Everyone was born into this life with abilities that allows us to tap into our inner wisdom and innate knowing. We all have these gifts of intuition, telepathic tendencies and other forms of intuition. However, as we get older, our connection to these gifts becomes dulled by the influences of societal demands, impositions on our upbringing that shape us into being less tuned into our inner world and more focused on our outer reality. As the years go by, these gifts become dampened and cast to the side, even if we are exceptionally sensitive or gifted in this way.

We may spend the majority of our adult years attempting to reawaken what was lost to varied influences that caused these gifts to be less of a guiding force in our lives. However, the good news is it has never left and is quietly lying below the surface of our busy lives waiting to be tapped. If we are all born into this world with these heightened abilities, it is a testament to the amount of stimulation and overwhelming bombardment we receive from external input into our senses as the years go by, that contribute to the dulling of these abilities.

Collective Intuitive Gifts Waking

Despite all of this external distraction in this day and age, our consciousness levels are raising as a collective and individually, so it is becoming easier for our abilities to emerge. As part of a collective consciousness, we are all raising in our evolution together and connecting to these innate parts of ourselves much more regularly and in mass.

I'm seeing it more and more, especially in my practice, those who are sharing that they have always been sensitive and have had abilities, revealing that they are tapping into these gifts even more now. It is becoming so much more wide spread.

What are these intuitive abilities that are coming online?

You may wonder what defines an intuitive ability and how do we know what it is when it's occurring? You may notice this as an inner knowing within you, messages that may reveal themselves that sound like your own inner voice but are free of fear, free of insecurity, free of doubt. There may be a subtle sensing, an intuitive or gut feeling that something is right or not.

There are various forms of intuitive abilities and you may find that your strength lies in one or several forms below:

Clairsentience- This is the ability to sense energies, feeling energies in your body, or sensations that are felt when you are around others or when entering a room or location. This may be felt as a tingling within, a heavy or light sensation, or even picking up on the quality of someone else's pain within your own body, etc.

Clairvoyance- This ability is seeing visions within that are sharing something with you. Those who are more visual, or find their strength through visual learning, may have this ability more. Oftentimes these visions will reveal themselves as very subtle imprints of pictures within your inner vision. It is very different from an actual physical image and more life a soft flash of an image.

Clairaudience- This ability is hearing messages within, they usually present as your own voice but are a higher aspect of you or a guide that is more connected to your soul and highest good. There is a difference between our regular mind chatter and intuitive messages. Often our mind chatter is riddled with our own fears or doubts, intuitive messages will feel free of that and come from higher wisdom.

Claircognizance- This ability is an inner knowing, a gut feeling that something is right or not right, etc., such as when you meet someone, or enter a room or random messages you may receive about certain situations. This can also relate to premonitions and sensing a future event before it happens.

Why don't I feel any of these?

If you haven't felt connected to any of these intuitive abilities, that's okay! There is nothing wrong with you. We all are encoded with these abilities and there are ways to begin to connect to these gifts within you. One of the main reasons we may not feel connected to our inner gifts is due to our hectic stressful lifestyles and lack of introspection and quiet time. When we begin to tune out our outer world and tune into our inner world, there is a deep well of truth and information that wants to come forward. It's a matter of carving out the space for ourselves to dive into our internal space. Our intuitive gifts are also very much connected to our consciousness and vibration level. One of the best ways to raise our own consciousness and vibration is through regular meditation. When we tap into our inner world regularly, we create a doorway for these abilities to come online even more, giving them room to emerge without the intrusion of the outer world frenzy of distractions.

On my own path, I've spent years refining these abilities not only to assist in my practice but as tools of guidance for my own path. I've become very comfortable with all of these abilities but it has taken patience, practice and dedication to my own healing path to allow these to strengthen. If you are interested in pursuing your own path in uncovering or strengthening these abilities, consider a more routine practice of meditation and stress relieving exercises that support your inner world. Be patient, give it time, the key is to allow and not force its emergence.

If your abilities are fully coming online and you are unsure of how to navigate them, you may find some helpful tips in our Video Library or if you would like more personal support, we offer mentorship programs or one on one healing sessions to support with tools for your specific situation.

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