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Tips to Find Balance in Changing Times

In these powerful times, how does one continue to walk through the old while creating the new, in your life and in the world?

This is the path of strength, patience, compassion and at times excruciating discomfort. But it is a path of the warrior, forging a new way and withstanding the storm while keeping an eye on the light peaking out from the clouds. As you grow and expand, what doesn’t fit you almost miraculously starts moving out of your life. You have probably noticed this increase over the last few years. This will continue, in your personal life and in the world.

It takes discipline to live in a world where the old is dissolving but when you commit to strong practices that support your body, mind and emotions, you can extend your support toward others in a more resilient and stable place.

When you waiver on the path, nudge yourself back. These times aren’t easy, but it is building the framework of balance so that you can return to it.

Some things I’ve found for my own path and those I’ve recommended in my practice, to find balance in these times.

Daily morning and night routines are like anchors for your life.

Morning routine: a combination of movement, meditation and/or breathing practices. Can include journaling and visioning intentions for your life or reflections on emotional/mental state. Night routine: winding down for the day, calming music/meditation. Less screen time, relaxing herbal teas. Sea salt baths.

Being in nature, the negative ions found in nature support your mental health and relaxation. Moving your body uplifts your mood.

Cleansing your energy field regularly through healing modalities, energy work, acupuncture, massage, etc. I have recommended videos on my YouTube channel playlist section for this as well


Nervous system support

Our nervous system can be overtaxed from these times. When we are in chronic stress/fight or flight mode our cortisol levels increase, and it can deplete our adrenals and overtime contribute to low energy and low mood. When we take the time to truly tend to our nervous system, we can lessen the impact of stress on our entire well being.

Some tips for balance: Slow down. Simplify.

I’ve been hearing this message often in client sessions. When we slow down, taking one thing at a time, not forcing or overburdening ourselves, we become more present and give ourselves room. Life is busy but there are always ways we can simplify, so begin to see areas of your life that you can cut out energy drains.

Is there something you are doing regularly or connected to that isn’t serving you anymore and just draining your energy? Maybe it’s something small, less screen time? Less movie watching and more time creating or being outside? Maybe it’s something larger, a relationship, a friendship, a job, a place you are living?

Be honest with yourself and bring an ounce of discipline to gently and compassionately cut out the small stuff. For the big stuff, begin to reflect on the ways it drains you and envision your life without it, witnessing how you would be changed? Start there and then take one action step to move toward its release. Is it setting stronger boundaries, spending more time away from someone? Looking for another job or learning about other places to live.

Your nervous system will thank you.

How to Feel Safe When Overwhelmed

If you find yourself going into overwhelm, fears or feeling unsafe in any unknowns.

It's time to bring focus to the root chakra energy center.

Our Root is the energy center that lies at the base of the spine, it connects us with our grounding cord to the planet. It is the energy center that connects our energy to our physical reality fully and bringing a sense of security, confidence, safety and abundance to us. When we feel unsafe, we can go into survival mode, our fight or flight response turns on and we try to self protect.

Our root chakra can be the first to take a brunt. Our grounding cord may retract or become wobbly due to this or our energy body may hover slightly outside our physical body, not fully grounding.

When our root chakra becomes imbalanced, our entire energy field can feel imbalanced, because we don’t feel safe. These times can take a toll on this energy center.

Find our Grounding Meditation for techniques on grounding more fully into the planet. This will strengthen your root in these times. Meditation here

Find our Standing in Your Power Guided Meditation and Energy Healing here to support your lower three chakras and feeling rooted and safe. For more personalized support, connect with us for a one on one session for your specific situation.

As we navigate these powerful times, may you find these tools something you can add to your toolkit to aid you in returning back to a place of balance when you need it.


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